FDA Gets 14 Pickups from REDD+ Liberia Forest Sector Project

Mr. David makes remarks at a ceremony marking the formal presentation of the vehicles.

A presentation of 14 brand new pickup jeeps from the Liberia Forest Sector Project (LFSP) to the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) through an agreement with the Government of Norway was recently held in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

In a special statement, FDA Managing Director C. Mike Doryen commended the Norwegian government for living up to the expectation of the Letter of Intent signed in 2014.

Doryen said to manage the forest by reducing industrial emission cannot be overemphasized.

Moreover, Mr. Doryen called on Denmark, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom (UK) to join the Government of Norway to support the FDA, in order to ensure the protection of the remaining upper Guinea forest.

As for the Global Witness report on land grabbing and violation of the reserved areas in Sinoe County, he dismissed the accounts on grounds that there is not an iota of truth in the allegation.

Mr. Doryen underscored the need for the biggest exporter of industrial emission to join the Norwegian government in assisting countries that have the largest forest to manage the various forests in West Africa.

He however noted that if there are any gaps in the process of granting logging concessions, no provision in the forest law has been violated by stakeholders in the forest sector of the country regarding granting a concession to any logging company.

Doryen warned FDA personnel that will be assigned with the newly donated vehicles to desist from using them for personal gains, urging them to observe all requirements that will ensure the good use of the vehicles.

“If any FDA official is found in the misuse of the newly assigned vehicles, the individual will be dismissed and action will be taken without delay,” Mr. Doryen warned. “These new vehicles were procured by the REDD+ under the LFSP and should not be used for any socioeconomic and funeral services but strictly services of the forest sector and other related functions that enhance the development of the FDA in the country.”

Regarding efforts that are aimed at protecting and sustainably managing the Liberian forest, Mr. Doryen disclosed that the FDA is not in the business of granting concessions in the logging sector of the country.

National Coordinator of the REDD+ in Liberia Saah A. David, Jr., noted that the donation was intended to strengthen the logistical capacity of the FDA in key areas that would ensure the sustainable management of the Liberian forest sector.

David added that the donation marked another significant milestone in the development and growth of the forest agency in Liberia.

He said that the provision of petroleum products for the vehicles will be handled by a vital unit of the FDA in all implementation processes.

Mr. David said that repairs and maintenance of the new vehicles will be the sole responsibility of the LFSP under the auspices of the REDD+ Implementation Unit for the next two years.

Mr. David also admonished users of the vehicles against abuse and using them for matters not related to REDD+ and the FDA during and after the implementation period in the country.

Mr. David said that the procurement of the vehicles is consistent with component one of the Liberia Forest Sector Project, which calls for the capacity and strengthening of the project’s implementing entities.

He added that the purchase of the vehicles was provided by Norway under the Letter of Intent, which was signed by the governments of Liberia and Norway.


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