FDA Destroys Large Quantity of Confiscated Meat

Some of the seized commodities being burned in Monrovia.

-Vows to make illegal wildlife trade risky

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has for the second time destroyed a large quantity of confiscated bush meat demonstrating yet another measure to deter the wanton killing and trading of endangered animals, and vowed to make illegal wildlife trade ‘risky’ for those engaged in the unlawful act, FDA said in a release.

FDA says one of its key priorities under the law is to ensure that protected animals are fully protected in keeping with the rule of biodiversity conservation.

According to the release, at least 271 pieces of wildlife parts were recently confiscated at the Bomi Highway Checkpoint from illegal wildlife traders by FDA rangers, and the joint security team.

FDA Managing Director C. Mike Doryen, who ordered the burning of the meat on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, at the entity’s Wgien Town main office outside Monrovia, said that it is unacceptable and counterproductive to international instruments to which Liberia is signatory, to wantonly destroy wildlife.

Doryen described the deliberate destruction of wildlife as inhumane, and therefore called on all well-meaning Liberians to stand against such act, because according to him, “we are under the legal obligation to show something to future generation.”

He added, “this is the last time we are burning confiscated meat without prosecuting the violators. The next time we will prosecute those involved in the trade.”

Mr. Doryen said that the burning of the meat demonstrates his administration’s willingness, and preparedness to ensure that the law protecting endangered species is activated at all times to see biodiversity conservation program succeed in the country.

He used the occasion to commend the governments of Great Britain, the United States, The European Union (EU), among other conservation partners in the forest sector for their tireless efforts in ensuring that government’s conservation dream becomes a reality.

Meanwhile, Mr. Doryen has said that FDA is about to effect the long awaited retirement program involving 33 long serving employees.

He then expressed gratitude to the government through the Minister of Finance, Development Planning, Samuel Tweh for making available about half a million dollars for that purpose.

He also thanked the government of Norway for this gesture, and promised that the money will be used for the projected purpose.


  1. Mr. Director, when will you guys stop fronting for the white man? these white people bring their tainted and expired meat and rotten chickens and you don’t care about the health of your people….but to please the white man…..shame on you. our people are compared to eat the expired and tainted meat and chickens and cold storage fish in the name of reserving nature….you better think it over!

  2. “He also thanked the government of Norway for this gesture, and promised that the money will be used for the projected purpose.”

    ha ha ha ha ha. that money will disappear like the 16 billion and the 25 million


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