FC Bea Mountain Start Campaign on Good Note

FC Bea Mountain will go against Gardnersville FC on Tuesday in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount, their home base

By Rosetta Fardolo, UL Mass Communication Department

FC Bea Mountain, one of the newly promoted clubs in the second division have been commended for their 4-2 victory over Invincible Eleven.

Many soccer fans interviewed after their February 26 second division victory against Invincible Eleven expressed satisfaction on the manner that FC Bea Mountain scored four quick goals before their opponents pulled one back.

“FC Bea Mountain will go a long way,” said James Nah, a fan of the club. “Daniel Paye got the opener for us in the 2nd minute of the game and that was a great goal.”

FC Bea Mountain’s Michael Smith hit the back of IE’s net in the 10th minute and Lassana Sesay got the third in the 14th minute and Daniel Paye got his brace in the 26th minute.

Invincible Eleven got their first goal in the 17th minute and the second goal in the 76th minute. Some of FC Bea Mountain’s fans said the team’s ability to get the goals in their match showed how prepared the team is to do well in the second division league.

“We have players that can get the goal whenever a chance in their way,” Dorothy Sayor, a fan, said. “We will be the team to beat in the league.”

Some said the team’s readiness was due to the management’s willingness to listen to Coach Kaetue Smith in building a winsome side.

“Coach Smith is a good coach,” another fan said. “This is a man who has the gift to prepare young players to become better at their game.”

FC Bea Mountain’s next assignment is on Tuesday in Kinjor, against Gardnersville FC in their second match.

“We will beat them,” Ms. Sayor said. “We will be playing in our backyard and our boys perform better there anyway.”

In a telephone interview with Coach Smith on Friday, he admitted he is the head coach of FC Bea Mountain.

“We are determined to do better in the second division league,” he told our reporter. “We play every game with the seriousness to win and we want to thank our management for their support.”


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