Father of 12 Wins L$1M from Lonestar Cell MTN

Mr. Daramie presents the symbolic check to Mr. Abdul Jalloh, winner of the Discount Store on behalf of Lonestar Cell MTN CEO, Abbad Reda.

Abdul Jalloh ended up being the luckiest among the over one million MTN subscribers, when the new year came smiling on him, blessing him with the opportunity to walk away with a whopping L$1,000,000 for subscribing with the generous GSM.

He is the second winner of the company’s “One Hundred Reasons to Smile Every Day” promotion from its one million prize giveaway discount store.

Apart from being the father of a dozen children, Jalloh is also a businessman and CEO of Bambya Business center that trades in one of the country’s largest commercial district, Water Side, in the heart of Monrovia.

Mr. Jalloh sells slippers and umbrellas.

The promo started in October 2017 and promises to give out L$4 million to four lucky subscribers in four months. The astonished businessman couldn’t have been more grateful to start off 2018 in such a fashion.

He is one of many “doubting Thomases” who think that these promos are deceptive as their winners are already selected prior to the pronouncements. This is why it took him so along to be convinced that he had actually won.

It took only sixty seconds for the machine to select his mobile phone number out of many that appeared.

Still in doubt after his phone rang and was informed that he was the winner of the one million Liberian dollar lotto, Jalloh saw it as another prank. Several follow up calls couldn’t help either; it had to take the efforts of MTN staff to get to him at his place of sale. “This is how he got convinced that it was not a prank,” one of the staff said.

Jalloh was then given the prize at his place of business, instead of him being picked up and escorted by a three-car convoy from his place of business to Barnesville where the prize would have been given to him.

But his refusal to be convinced that he has won robbed him of that privilege.

With his eyes filled with tears of joy, he dedicated his fortune to God.

He said he has been a subscriber of the cellular company since its existence (1999) and promised to improve his business and pay his children school fees.

“I am so excited and don’t even know how to say it right now but I believe this is the blessing of Allah. This will help me improve my business and as well cater to the needs of my kids,” Jalloh said.

At the current exchange rate between the Liberian and US dollars, he has won almost US$8,000.

This amount for most Liberians is something of a good start for any struggling businessman or woman.

Lonestar, about a month ago, launched the Lonestar discount store, where subscribers could dial 500 and get the best deals in the communications market; over 3,000 subscribers enjoy the discount promotion.

“We are striving to change lives by ensuring that every month a subscriber walks away with L$1 million. We will do this for the next four months and that’s what we mean when we say we are changing lives, and we tell you that Christmas is here early and is here for you,” said Ibrahim Daramie, senior manager, marketing services at Lonestar.

“The company is always ready to live up to its corporate social responsibility by ensuring that it supports government’s efforts in providing the Liberian people value-added services and at the same time ensure that customers are happy.

“Today is one of those days that Lonestar Cell MTN is going to be doing what we are known to do for the Liberian people. We are going to be changing lives because we’re going to give our many subscribers one hundred reasons to smile,” he said.

According to Ibrahim Daramie, senior manager, Marketing Services at Lonestar, that was the company’s way of empowering its many customers through its social corporate responsibilities.

“Lonestar MTN has promised that for the next four months, it will give away four million Liberian dollars to its customers, who subscribe to its raffle draw.

“Lonestar MTN is not only a profit making entity, we care for our customers and that is why we always find means to empower our customers and that is why we are the best,” Daramie said.


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