Father Gets 10 Years for Kidnapping His Children


About a week after the jury of Criminal Court ‘A’ found him guilty of kidnapping three of his children, Mohammed Sedee Falle, a Mauritanian national, was yesterday sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by Judge Roosevelt Willie.

Strangely, Judge Willie set aside Falle’s bail bond. If his bail was not set aside, Falle could have been a free man, awaiting ruling into his appeal.

As it stands, that will not happen and he will be in jail until his legal team can fight his final battle at the High Court.

Supporting his action, Judge Willie said at the onset of the trial that Falle claimed and showed documents indicating he was a naturalized Liberian citizen since 1965. However, Judge Willie stated that Falle’s travel documents which he procured in 2009 stated that he is a Mauritanian citizen.

Said Judge Willie, “The unanimous guilty verdict is hereby affirmed and confirmed.  Defendant Falle is therefore, sentenced for a period of ten years.” 

“If the children are not heard of and produced to this court within the next three years, effective as of the date of this final judgment, this court on its own or by way of Bill of Information from the state will communicate with the Prison Superintendent for the convicted, Mohammed Sedee Falle to spend the rest of his life in jail,” Judge Willie further ruled.

"This court wondered what could be the motive for his action, when dual citizenship is a violation of Liberian law." Citing Article 27, Section ( 27 C) of the 1986 Constitution titled Citizenship, Judge Willie said it provides that "the Legislature shall, adhering to the standard of naturalization, prescribe such other qualification criteria  for and the procedure by which naturalization may be obtained.”

He added that the Legislature enacted the Alien and Naturalization law stated in Section 22.1 Act, titled "causing loss of citizenship.”


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