Fassama Citizens Contribute to Ebola Fight


In support of the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Lofa and Liberia at large, the Fassama citizens residing in Monrovia from Zorzor District, Lofa County have donated anti-Ebola materials to citizens of Fassama town in as helping to curtail the deadly disease.

According to the acting chairman of Help Fassama Citizens Fight Against Ebola (HFCFE), Gogba Zunuwala, the decision to provide support in the fight against the deadly disease comes after a neighboring town, Gbasageziah, showed few cases of the deadly Ebola virus and was later quarantined by the local authority.

“We believe that this donation will help the people in combating any outbreak or suspected cases in the area. It is important for us to make the necessary contribution, preparation for the deadly Ebola virus to ensure that we take the preventive measure.”

Mr. Zunuwala explained that the Ebola virus in spreading all over the country and destroying many lives as well as setting the Liberian economy backward.  “Everyone must take all the preventive measures and ensure that our people, including children, are not affected by the disease.”

The acting chairman donated several anti-Ebola items, including a cartoon of tide soap, chloride buckets, and 12 pieces of T-Shirts with the inscription, “Let us Eradicate Ebola from Liberia.” Over seven hundred United State dollars were also donated.

He urged the residents to engage into the necessary preventive measures described by the Health Ministry, including washing-hands and reporting of suspected cases in the community to avoid further spread of the disease or have other people affected.

In receiving the donation, the town chief of Fassama, Budu Flomo, expressed gratitude to the acting chairman and others who contributed to the kind gesture to the people of Fassama in containing or curtailing the deadly disease.

He promised that the donation made would be used for its intended purpose.


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