‘Farmers Face Post-Harvest Losses’

Farmer inputs distrubution in Nimba

Farmers in Nimba County, especially those involved in the processing of farm produce, are complaining of post harvest losses due to lack of support and markets to sell their products.

Speaking at the distribution ceremony of agro-inputs in Ganta on January 10, 2021, Mr. Boris Barlea, Director of Liberia Farmers Development Corporation, said the lack of support or market is impeding their production.

“We the farmers are faced with post harvest losses because we do not have the market for our commodities,” he said.

“We need more support from the government so we can produce more food at the finishing level,” he said.

LIFADCO, as his organization is called, is involved in helping farmers to better manage and protect their staple crops and livestock through better soil management, water resource management as well as minimizing crop and livestock waste to avoid spoilage, weeds, pests, disease and other threat.

LIFADCO is cultivating cassava production farms in 54 communities in Zoe-Geh, Saclepea Mahn, Tappita and the Gbehlay-Geh districts respectively.

LIFADCO harvested huge quantities of cassava across Nimba, but find it very difficult to find market for their harvest, leaving most of their produce to perish.

Up to present, LIFADCO is processing fufu and flour from cassava in and around Tappita.

For the bee keeping, he said, “We have 30 hives in 10 communities, and out of the 30 hives 21 hives have colonized, while at the same time about 20 snail raising pens have been set up in six communities.


  1. I have noticed of late that whenever the Daily Observer reports on farming or farmers, they must mostly be from Nimba or Lofa.
    Where are our brave and strong people of Bong? Have you all started doing vain politics like some of our people who have deserted their counties, living in makeshifts in Monrovia? Wake up my people of Bong! The soil is the surest sources of enrichment.

    To the leaders f LIFADCO, know that all the staple crops and livestock produced by your farmers are in high demand on the world and regional markets.
    The losses incurred by farmers can undoubtedly be attributed to lack of storage techniques and facilities, derisory per income capita of Liberians and inaccessibility of produce to merchants.

    You can help in curbing these losses by either exploring new markets in the Ivory Coast or building storage facilities from which substantial quantity of produce can be packaged and exported abroad. You therefore need qualified international traders and confidential relations with a reputable bank to get things rolling for your organization.

    Think about getting the right people and paying them a fair wage to do a professional job for you.
    Don’t call on this government, I beg you guys!

  2. A very-well organized system will make a big difference. The producer can not be everything. In many cases, it has never worked.

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  4. To my adorable Grand Frere, Hney

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  5. Mr. Defender,
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  7. Hney:
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    We must learn to listen to critical and discordant voices sometimes. Vernon Jones (a black man) has switched party, listen to his interview to understand the hypocrisy of the machine unleashed.
    Had Trump been an African president, like Laurent GBAGBO, the planes could have been bombing the white house by now.
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    Salutation, Grand Frere!


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