Farmers Cultivate Rice in Swamplands across Nimba

This swampland near Ganta was once a sand mining area that was transformed to rice farm last year.

Several citizens in Nimba County have returned to the soil and engaged into the farming of Liberia’s staple food, rice, as the prices of food items continue to rise.

The level of rice farming has increased greatly, since the beginning of last year and many are willing this year to also join their colleagues in farming.

Nearly all the of the swamp lands across Nimba are now being cultivated with rice and other food crops.

“The cost of rice is getting high in the market, so we decided to some farming as a means of subsidizing some of the expenditures we go through daily,” said Napoleon Brewer, a teacher.

“Even though the farming did not yield well this year, but we got something to keep us for some time,” he said.

Some of the farmers told the Daily Observer that, if the government can come with supports for farming, it will enhance their strengths to do more.

Mr. Samuel Brewer, one of the senior elders of Buuyao, told this paper, “We cannot rely on the importation of rice, when we have soil in this country that can grow everything. Once we have the required tools and other supports, we will do our best to produce the needed food for this country under Pro-Poor government,” he said.

The high cost of rice in the market is believed to be one factor that compelling many in Nimba to invest into the soil. Even some former government officials are getting involved.

There were reports of low production of upland rice in some quarters of Nimba, but high production is expected from the lowland or swamps, according to farmers.

Most of the lowlands surrounding Ganta were all cultivated, something that is likely to intensify this farming season.


  1. How Brilliant! The solution for sustainable rice production in Liberia lies in Liberia’s SWAMP/WETLANDS. Nimba’s Farmers have the right approach. To preserve our RAINFOREST, rice farming must be limited to LOWLANDS/SWAMPLANDS. Highlands Agricultural Activities should be reserved for “TREECROPS” only. Thanks! Nimba to NIMBA’S FARMERS.


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