Local Processors Access Loans to Boost Rice Production

Mohammed Kamara, President of NRFL.

Some rice processing institutions have begun receiving money from the Afriland Bank Liberia Limited through the National Rice Federation of Liberia (NRFL) to enhance the production and processing of rice.

It can be recalled that the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) signed a cash collateral loan scheme of US$400,000 with the NRFL to boost the purchase of harvested rice from smallholder farmers by processors.

The disbursement process has begun with the selection of processing institutions by Afriland First Bank for funding deposited by the Government of Liberia through the MFDP.

In a press release, the NRFL appreciates the government for the timely initiative by empowering local processors and farmers to ensure that they have access to funding to continue to buy paddy rice from smallholders.’

The organization also wants to appeal to the GOL through the MFDP to pay the balance of US$300,000 to Afriland First Bank Liberia limited who manages the fund for onward disbursement to the processors.

Mohammed Kamara, President of the NRFL expressed his institution’s commitment to work with the beneficiary processors to make sure that loans are used for the intended purposes.

“We would like to encourage all beneficiaries’ institution to adhere to the contract that was signed by the processing institution and Afriland First Bank Liberia, according to payment terms to ensure continued support by our government in the fight against hunger and empowering local processors and producers for economic viability and sustainability,” he said.

Access to finance is critical for the growth of the agricultural sector, but it still remains a challenge for many smallholder farmers and agricultural value chain in Liberia. This is due to the unwillingness by commercial banks to give out loans because of risk factors. Smallholder farmers, particularly lack collateral to access loans from commercial banks to boost the production of the crops.


  1. Thank you, but not enough!

    The staple of Liberia is rice. A Liberian can kill a human being if he doesn’t eat rice for a day. Why can’t we lay emphasis on the industrial production of this food crop?
    We have mangrove swamplands and lush rainforests in the length and breadth of the country and yet we import rice from enclaves like Vietnam.

    The $30 million borrowed recently to feed lazy partisans could have been pumped into the industrial production of rice to produce thousands of direct and indirect jobs for those partisans with substantial added values. Surplus production could be sold in arid countries like Niger, Mali, Burkina, etc. to ensure our balance of payments.
    Are we waiting for people to come and feed us in our own country?

    Liberians, vote patriotic and innovative people who can shape the destiny of Liberia come 2023. The ANC has some of the finest Liberian brains, think about voting us soon!

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