FAO, FDA, FFF, and Partners Conduct Workshop


Several prominent environmental groups including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Forestry Development Authority (FDA), and Farm and Forest Facility (FFF) on Thursday, March 6, conducted a one-day workshop on validation and priorities identification of the baseline survey of the forest in the country.

According to FAO Country Representative, J Alexandre Scaglia, the workshop was aimed at helping to contribute to the needs of farmers around the country. He said that it was organized by the FAO in collaboration with the Government of Liberia through the FDA.

Mr. Scaglia said the Forest and Farm Facility was launched in early 2013 at the Samuel K. Doe Sport Complex in Paynesville with the goal of ensuring farmers are positively affected through various programs.

He explained the FFF aims to highlight the priorities of Liberia’s youth and women through farming.

Mr. Scaglia said it was important for the general public to make contributions to the agricultural sector.

The FFF is a five year initiative that was established to enhance the capacity of Liberian youth and women so they can engage in local, national, and regional level policy dialogues and decision making processes that influence the future of forests and farms.

The Manager of FFF, Jeffrey Campbell, said it has identified three pillars aimed atstrengthening the capacities of women, youths,indigenous people, and the general public.

He explained that the pillars would link local voices to those in the global arena through a genuine participatory process that involved information sharing.

Mr. Campbell said the FFFwants to bring together farmers, officials of government, representatives of civil society organizations, and international partners to ensure that everyone makesa contribution.


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