Fake LEC Employee Jailed


The Magisterial Court on Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia, over the weekend sentenced a 32-year old man to jail for impersonating (acting, posing as) an employee of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

According to LEC authorities, Prince Bridge was arrested a week ago in the Caldwell Township, while he was impersonating as an employee of the corporation and “extorting money” from residents under the guise of connecting their homes with power supply.

LEC said the arrest and the subsequent trial of Bridge is part of the Corporation’s reinforcement of its campaign against power theft.

“LEC will use the full weight of the law in dealing with individuals found impersonating employees of the Corporation or engaging in power theft,” LEC said in a statement.

According to the management, the entity has over the years been disconnecting homes and business entities and has also forwarded individuals to court for prosecution for their alleged involvement in power theft, to ensure that the issue of power theft is automatically discouraged.

LEC management has meanwhile cautioned the general public not to do business with anyone requesting money to connect them to the national electricity grid.

“These unscrupulous individuals are criminals. The public is encouraged to notify the LEC or the nearest police station to report any incident of such unsanctioned practice,” LEC’s statement said.

The management wishes to assure the public of its commitment to increasing access to reliable and affordable electricity throughout the country, the statement said.


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  1. Law enforcement was swift in terms of dealing Mr. Bridge a severe blow. But, there are scores of criminals out there who have not been touched. Law enforcement must do its utmost to arrest and speed up the trials.

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