Fake Helper?

Jerome Newberry, who pledged to give ailing nurse Ellen Corneh US$2,500, claimed to be in the USA. Days later, she found out that he was living on GSA Road, Paynesville, Liberia. Above, he is seen defending his motives to a TV journalist who was on the scene when Ellen and her sister called a crowd on him.

-Ailing nurse seeking urgent advanced medical help discovers that one of those who offered to help her wanted something else.

A couple of weeks ago, Ellen Corneh a Liberian registered nurse who has been battling heart disease, breathed a sigh of relief when she learned that Liesbeth Vos and Jerome Newberry, of Germany and the USA respectively (as they claimed) informed Ellen about their decisions to help her seek advance medical treatment abroad. 

But as things sometimes happen in life, Ellen’s enthusiasm and hope of returning to normal life suddenly fell apart after Liesbeth Vos and Jerome Newberry stopped communicating with her without any reason.

Heartbroken, and still not understanding why her helpers abruptly ended communication, Ellen decided to remain steadfast and continue the conversation since the two individuals were the only ones who had so far volunteered to come to her aid. ​​

According to Ellen, she came across Liesbeth Vos and Jerome Newberry while conducting an interview with Spoon FM (the Spoon TV interview came as a result of a Daily Observer article) appealing for help. During the interview, which was live-streamed on Facebook, Liesbeth Vos commented and promised to take care of her bills for the heart surgery in Germany provided that she could raise the air ticket.

“I became very happy and felt that my problem had found a solution. During the live video, Liesbeth Vos told me to get a medical report, which I did by visiting the Catholic Hospital to run another test.

“Immediately after I returned from the hospital, I sent Liesbeth Vos and Jerome Newberry a text message informing them of the outcome of the hospital visit but they did not respond. This was the beginning of their long silence. I sent numerous texts but they did not answer. Before the hospital visit, I conducted an interview with KMTV, a medium in which Jerome Newberry, a supposed resident of the USA, promised to give me US$2,500 to buy a plane ticket,” Ellen said.

Throughout the KMTV interview, Jerome Newberry kept asking “how much for the trip,” until one viewer responded saying, “US$5,000 for her and her caretaker.” In response, Jerome informed Ellen and viewers that he was going to help with half of the money — US$2,500.

While watching a Facebook live interview of Ellen Corneh, Jerome Newberry pledged to immediately give US$2,500 toward the ailing nurse’s travel expenses.

“Please ask her if she has a valid ID, I am going to send the money through Western Union,” a promise that resulted in the viewers on the live broadcast showering him with thanks, as Ellen cried because she felt that at least she had hope that her critical health problem would soon come to an end.

“Oh Jerome, thank you oh, only God will bless you oh,” she said.

“Please tell her not to cry, ok,” Jerome responded. “Please ask her if someone can receive it [whom] she trusts and please send a valid name and ID.” Cleopatra Babygirl Thomas, sister to Madam Corneh, who is also expected to serve as caretaker, was the name provided for Jerome to send the money as promised.

“I will send it through Western Union,” Jerome promised in his comments under the live video interview.

But after several messages went unanswered, Ellen became to realize something fishy about her so-called helpers and their intentions. And just as she thought, she soon found out that Jerome was not living in the USA as claimed rather on the GSA road where he made a living as a barber.

Ellen Corneh, a single mother, said she managed to track down Jerome by asking friends and families to send him friend requests on Facebook to appreciate him for his interest in helping her seek medical attention.

“While he downplayed my appreciation and follow-up messages, we got hold of him after one of my younger sisters sent him a request and he confirmed her. “It is unfortunate that people will make fun out of circumstances involving another person’s life. This is evil behavior and something an ill person battling for their life should not have experienced,” Ellen added.

Upon confirming Ellen’s sister’s friend request on Facebook (Jerome never knew that the person he confirmed was Ellen’s relative), he started requesting a sexual relationship and, in no time, sending her nude pictures and videos in the process. As Jerome’s online sexual advances at Ellen’s sister intensified, Jerome finally informed the young lady that he lives on the GSA road and “wanted to pay her a visit so they can have sex”.

“My sister, who also lives on the GSA road, agreed, because we wanted to see him in person. I left my 9th street residence and went to her house which was something difficult for me today. Upon my arrival, I met Jerome sitting comfortably at my sister’s house. I felt broken after seeing him and now even doubted that the lady from Germany could be real,” Ellen said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

However, Liesbeth Vos has yet to respond to Ellen’s follow-up messages.

A team of reporters, upon meeting Jerome at Ellen’s sister GSA resident, questioned him about his comment under the live video, he angrily replies. “Help is not force, if you go on live video asking for assist and I made up my mind to help and later decide not to, it is up to me… I am not forced.” He said, “Whether I [am] in America or here, if I want to help I can; if not, I am not forced, so calling Journalists on me will not force the money out of me.” 

“My condition is critical that I cannot even sleep, eat or get the necessary rest that every human needs, then people [are] there making fun of me,” says Ellen Corneh. “If I am making an SOS call and you cannot help, it is better that you pray for me or if it is nonsense to you, you just pass without making comments rather than giving me false hope.”

As it stands now, Ellen is only living by the Grace of God as the time the doctors showed her for surgery has passed but her condition is worsening daily. “I am only living by the grace of God because the doctors gave me until November 15 to have the surgery, or else I may not make it. But God is carrying me through as I wait for the breakthrough — that helper.”

As a registered nurse, Ellen works for the West Africa Medical Center, a clinic in Sinkor. She was diagnosed by doctors at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Catholic Hospital, and the Jahmale Medical Solutions of having a sore on her heart that need to be addressed by November 15, 2020.

The cost of Ellen’s medical treatment is USD$20,000, excluding her plane ticket and other accommodations that may be needed in Accra, Ghana for the operation. Anyone interested in helping save Ellen’s life, pls contact her via +231886703606, +231776142090 or [email protected].


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