Fake Chemical Dealer Arrested


A man with a history of selling fake chemical (substances) use to grow palm was on Tuesday, December 3, arrested on the GSA Road Community, while trying to rob Pastor Nyumah Siaffa of nearly US$6,000.

Having has duped his victims of more than US$20,000 to date, Mr. Jerry Kollie was arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) following a tip-off from Pastor Siaffa. Mr. Siaffa is the senior pastor of the Believers Dwelling Temple Ministries International, in Lower Johnsonville, Montserrado County.

He taken to the Police depot located near the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) Sports Complex Community and detained.

It is not known whether the defendant has been forwarded to court.

Explaining the circumstances leading to the arrest of defendant Kollie to the Daily Observer, Pastor Siaffa alleged that on the morning of Tuesday, December 3, while at his office on Capitol Hill, he received a call from an unknown individual identifying himself as Jerry Kollie.

He said, Kollie told him that he was calling from Maryland County and had known Pastor Siaffa for a very long time.

He even informed Siaffa that he knew him when he served as community leader in the GSA Road Community.

“So he trusted me and wanted for us to do business,” Siaffa said, “and “I asked him what it was.”

Pastor Siaffa quoted Jerry as saying, “It was to provide a chemical used by Palm Company to grow their crops.”

“I told him that I was employed and I didn’t want another job, especially outside of Monrovia.”

He, however, explained that he had been dealing with a number of individuals, some of whom had duped him of thousands of U.S. dollars.

“I asked the man what he wanted me to do for him.”

Jerry said he wanted Siaffa to supply over 5kg of that substance to a company in Harper, Maryland County, according to Pastor Siaffa.

Siaffa said he again asked him where he would get the chemical from and how much it would cost.

"It was then that he instructed me to contact one Mensah, who he said was the importer of the substance," Pastor Siaffa explained.

Jerry later gave him Mensah’s contact number and. the Pastor said, he placed the call.

“When I call the number, Mensah answered and admitted he was a supplier of the chemical and each kg would cost US$435. But, if I was interested in buying more he would reduce the price to US$420,” Siaffa explained.

After that conversation, Pastor Siaffa said, Jerry asked him to contact another person, a lady named Mariam Johnson, who is the manager of a palm company in Harper, Maryland County called MOPP.

During that conversation, Siaffa said, Mariam said she was blessed to have seen him because she had been looking for that particular chemical for a very long time.

"Again, she informed me that she was going to send some of her staff to Monrovia to purchase them from me. Immediately she called telling me that the men were already on their way to Monrovia and would be lodging at the Palm Spring Hotel, in Congo Town; they would be purchasing 500 kg from me.

“At about 10:00 p.m. the next day, my phone rang and the men informed that they had arrived in Monrovia from Harper.

After that call, I received another call from Jerry, asking me whether I had spoken to Mariam’s staff.

“I told him yes.

"By that answer, I received another call from Mensah, informing me that before I bought the chemical I would have to pay for two samples, costing US$435 each.

“When I asked where I will get the sample he said he was going to send one of his workers the next day, Wednesday. We would meet at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville, outside of Monrovia.

"That was when I contacted the police and planted them around the complex.

“When I met the worker I told him I would like a receipt before anything else happened.”

While in the process of preparing the receipt the police came and arrested him.

“Since then I have received a number of calls from unknown persons threatening to burn my house and kill my family,” Pastor Siaffa explained with tears. “I am not safe; I need assistance from the government.”


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