Faith Healing Temple Consecrates Renovated Temple


The Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ, Incorporated will consecrate its newly refurbished edifice on Sunday, June 18 at 10 a.m. The program will be held at the church, located adjacent to the ICRC head office on Bushrod Island.

According to a press release, the renovation, which lasted for about six months, included the construction of the superstructure of a new gallery, de-roofing, and reroofing, re-electrification of the entire structure, and the addition of bathrooms with constant water supply. The cost of the process is put at US$135,000.

Rev. Mother Edith W. Ricks, founder of the Agape International Ministry, will cut the ribbon while the Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Gbelly, General Superintendent/Senior Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church, will deliver the consecration message.

The bishop, Mother Mai B. Roberts, pastor, officers and members of the church extended an invitation to the general public to the occasion.

In 1971, the Lord instructed Mother Wilhemina Bryant Dukuly (deceased) to convert what was then a nightclub called the “African Jungle” to a place where citizens, residents and foreigners alike would worship God since the Liberian people were not praising Him enough, according to the revelation, the press release said.

In obedience to God’s revelation, the church was consecrated on November 14, 1971, by Bishop Francis Carroll, then Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Liberia and officially opened to all, including the country’s 19th President, Dr. William Richard Tolbert Jr. Since that time, the church has been a covenant between God and His people. People from all walks of life irrespective of their status have come and continue to come in droves to praise and worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Messages of love, hope, healing, and care are being preached. Prayers for ‘Mother Liberia’ and its leaders have been at the core of the church’s activities. During Liberia’s civil conflict, the church, as it was revealed to Mother Dukuly, served as a refuge for Liberians and foreigners alike. During that period, God manifested his powers by ensuring that no one was injured by bullets or any warlike objects in the midst of the firing of heavy artillery in this part of the city. Evidence of gunshots and artillery abound in and on the church. Since its establishment, the church has been sailing smoothly despite turbulence in the country.

“Today, we are thankful that the messages of Jesus’ care, healing, and love through his temple continue to be heard by citizens and residents alike from our regular radio broadcast and the church’s branches,” the release noted.


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