Ezzat Eid vs. Grand Cape Mount: Audit Committee Set up to Investigate Claim


A five-man committee has been set up by Grand Cape Mount County to audit business documents of the Madina Rock Crushers (MRC) owned by Lebanese businessman Ezzat Eid.

The audit committee is clothed with the responsibility to ascertain whether Mr. Eid has complied with rebuilding of over 30 houses allegedly damaged by his company’s rock blasts.

The committee, headed by Cape Mount Senator Abel Massaley, is also mandated to review financial documents of the Madina Development Associations (MDA), the group responsible to liaise between the county and the MRC.

The perusal of financial documents of the two institutions is owed to counter-claim of burden.

The committee was established on Saturday, July 11, in a general meeting at the Madina Town Hall, and is expected to report on Saturday, July 17, 2014 in the same venue at 11.

Members of the Committee include District # 2 Representative Mambu M. Sonii, Mr. Carsemu B. Brown, Chief of Office Staff of Senator Edward B. Dagoseh, Development Superintendent Tenneh Simpson-Kpedebah and Alex K. Balo, the chairperson of the County for the National Civil Society Council of Liberia.

The committee was set up as a result of a three-day protest carried out by women and youths from the towns of Madina, Mankoh and Soh in demand for the rebuilding of over 30 houses broken down allegedly due to rock blast.

The aggrieved women lamented that about 37 families are homeless while more than 12 persons are seeking medical attention at the Gbenejii Hospital.

Madam Yatta Dosii, the County Chairlady told journalists that the demonstration stemmed from failed negotiation with the management of MRC.

The youths under the banner, “Concerned Youths,” headed by Mohammed Dosii, have petitioned the management of MRC, cataloguing six points to be addressed to end the protest.

The protest was read before a representative of the management of MRC, Arnu, Madina Commissioner Kasor Kadii, the Regional Chief Superintendent of Police in Region, Daniel B. Gotojuwee along with some officers of the Grand Cape Mount Police Detachment.

Important amongst the points were the reconditioning and reconstruction of damaged houses, review of the 20-year contract between the town and the MRC, and the improvement of workers at the MRC.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Audit Committee, Senator (Atty.) Massaley promised to tell the truth and wrong.

He said the county is bigger than anybody, and everybody is responsible and important to the county.

For their parts, Representative Sonii and Mrs. Kpedebah urged the women and youth to remain peaceful and await the findings.

The MDA comprises nine men, and Blama A. Freeman is the president.

According to reports, MRC is a US$80 million company and has signed a 20-year agreement to run from 2013 to 2033.

The reports further says, MRC gives about $15,000 quarterly to MRC as royalty fees for the rock, and annual land fees of about US$35,000 as well as US$15,000 annually for scholarships.


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