‘Eyewitnesses’: Executive Mansion Press Vehicle was Speeding in Wrong Lane

One of the emerging road safety factors that accounts for the challenging road safety situation in the country is the incidence of disabled, broken down, accident and abandoned vehicles on the roads.

-Contrary to police accounts of fatal accident along Monrovia-Gbarnga highwary

About eight lawyers claiming to be eyewitnesses to the February 10, 2019, tragic motor accident which involved the Executive Mansion Press vehicle and a vehicle belonging to former Associate Justice Wilkins M. Wright, on February 25, say the incident as reported by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Executive Mansion are far from the real story.

Gabriel Wilson, a former employee of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, aka “Executive Horn”, and Reverend Victoria Wlue, both of whom were riding in Justice Wright’s vehicle, were the two that died at the Phebe Hospital where they had been taken for treatment.

Gabriel Wilson, commonly known as Executive Horn was an employee of the Ministry of State and the traditional horn blower to the President

Immediately after the incident that left the two dead, along with several other persons who were seriously wounded, the Executive Mansion, in a statement, said Wright, a former Solicitor General, “intruded into the presidential motorcade” around Donfa, near former President Charles Taylor’s Supermarket”, on the Gbarnga/Kakata Highway.

For the LNP, they said though they were still conducting an investigation surrounding the accident, their initial reports at that time had it that Cllr. Wright and his driver were under the “influence of alcohol.”

Rev. Victoria Wlue lost her life in the accident involving the Executive Mansion Press vehicle and that of Cllr. Wilkins Wright, whose vehicle she was riding in.

However, addressing a press conference yesterday in Monrovia, the lawyers, who are members of the Nimba County Bar Association, a segment of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA), recommended that the Presidential Security Detail take measures to avert accidents of such nature, as it performs its responsibility of protecting the President.

“By this narration, we are hopeful that the truth will be established; the investigation will be transparent and the report credible and authentic; thereby ensuring that justice is done,” the lawyers maintained.

The lawyers, who signed yesterday’s press statement, are Cllr. Awia Vankan, president of Nimba Bar Association, as well as attorneys T. Emmanuel Tomah, Aaron Dayeker Kartee, Musa S. Sidibey, and Preston N.G. Karkerzeah.

Others include attorneys Allen F. Gweh, Evelyn Kou Lah and Kim A. Harris.

According to the lawyers, during the fateful Sunday, February 10, 2019, they were traveling from Monrovia to Sanniquellie, Nimba County, to attend the turnover ceremony of the leadership of Nimba County Bar Association (“Nimba Bar”) and the opening of the February Term of Court.

“We were traveling in a three-car convoy,” the lawyers said.

They claimed that the first car had four persons, including the  secretary general of Nimba County Bar Association Attorney T. Emmanuel Tomah, attorneys Aaron Dayeker Kartee, Musa S. Sidibey and a rider (not named). The vehicle was driven by Attorney Sidibey.

The second car, they claimed, carried the President of Nimba County Bar Association Cllr. J. Awia Vankan and Attorney Karkerzeah, who was driving.

The third vehicle, the lawyers said, had four occupants, including vice president of Nimba County Bar Association Attorney Allen F. Gweh, attorney Evelyn Kou Lah, Kim A. Harris and a rider.  The vice president, Attorney Gweh,  was driving.

In their explanation, the lawyers alleged that somewhere towards Zeanzue, a town along the highway, “we encountered a navy and sky-blue Nissan Patrol jeep, which we identified as a Presidential Escort vehicle, heading towards Monrovia on the opposite lane, with the occupants waving at us to get off the road.”

This vehicle, the lawyers said, was on excessive speed; “a second vehicle, clearly marked Executive Mansion Press Car, a Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, was driving very close behind the Presidential Escort vehicle, but on the lane designated for vehicles traveling from Monrovia to Gbarnga, and traveling at the same excessive speed as the Presidential Escort vehicle.”

“The first vehicle in their three-car convoy encountered the Presidential Escort vehicle on a straight stretch of the road. But when the driver, Attorney Sidibey, saw the Executive Mansion Press car, which was behind the Presidential Escort car, coming head-on to his vehicle, he abruptly swerved off the road, thereby avoiding a collision,” the lawyers said in the press statement. “The second car in our vehicle had a similar experience,” they added.

They said the third vehicle in their convoy was the nearest miss of the three vehicles, “because it had just emerged from a curve when the driver, Attorney Gweh, encountered the Presidential Escort vehicle; immediately the Executive Mansion Press car followed at very high speed on Attorney Gweh’s side of the road,” the lawyers, claiming to be eyewitnesses, said of the accident.

At this point, they said, the Executive Mansion Press car made no attempt to avoid colliding with Attorney Gweh’s vehicle, “while the female occupants began to scream, and Attorney Gweh, with the intervention of God, miraculously dodged the Executive Mansion Press car.”

“He was still struggling to park the vehicle off the road when the sound of the collision involving the Executive Mansion Press car and a Black Jeep was heard,” the lawyers claimed, adding: “We heard the collision and saw the impact of the accident, the ejection of the passengers through the windshields of the vehicles, the terrible injuries inflicted on the riders, etc.”

They alleged that it was only after the riders were removed from the vehicles and former Associate Justice Wilkins M. Wright, who was identified as one of the occupants, did they know that he (Justice Wright) was involved in the accident.

The former Justice was apparently also en-route to Nimba for the opening of court, according to the lawyers.

They said within about a minute of the accident, a large convoy of vehicles, preceded by another Presidential Escort car, arrived on the scene. “We saw President Weah disembark his presidential vehicle and personally participated in removing some of the victims.”

The lawyers said President Weah also reached over to their third vehicle where a group of them were standing and narrating the experience, and expressed his regret about the accident.

“The President remained on the scene for about 45 minutes until all the victims were removed from the wrecked vehicles, and then he directed several vehicles from his convoy to take the victims to Phebe Hospital, with the hope of helping them survive,” the lawyers said, speaking about Weah’s assistance after the accident. “We thanked the President for his humility, care and concern,” they added.

“We are very saddened that the accident claimed the lives of two of our compatriots.  We convey our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and pray that God will heal their grief,” the lawyers said.

“We give eternal gratitude to God for saving our lives and the lives of those who survived the accident, including Justice Wilkins M. Wright.  We wish speedy recovery to those nursing injuries. Indeed, many precious lives would have been cut short had it not been for the miraculous work of God Almighty,” the lawyers said.

“We give this account, as eye-witnesses, to the tragic motor accident, so that the Presidential Security Detail can take measures to avert accidents of such nature as it performs its responsibility of protecting the President,” the lawyers said.

“We are hopeful that the truth will be established, the investigation transparent and the report credible and authentic, thereby ensuring that justice is done,” the lawyers concluded.


  1. Few observations/questions: Was no siren blaring from the “Presidential Escort and Executive Mansion Press” vehicles? If so, then all vehicles that failed to yield the right of way following that alert were reckless and culpable for the death and injuries resulting from that accident.

    On the other hand, if those vehicles from the presidential motorcade did not have any sirens on to alert other commuters as a matter of protocol, then the government of Liberia at whose behest the drivers of those vehicles were operating, is responsible for the reckless vehicular tyranny resulting into death and mayhem. Families of the deceased and all those injured ought to therefore be compensated for the loss, pain and suffering sustained as a result of this accident.

    In addition to the compensation for the damages caused by this accident, the driver(s) of whichever vehicle is responsible for this accident ought to also be charged criminally, and dealt the full weight of the law as applied here.

    Not forgetting appropriate punishment for the police officers that came up with the misleading and bogus report, leveling blame for this accident on the wrong driver and vehicle. That is just another demonstration of the general incompetence and clumsiness of our police, which often results into crimes going unsolved in some instances, or apprehending the wrong person(s) as culprits in any investigation.

    Thank God for the presence and eye-witness accounts of people who know better and saw this accident first-hand. Imagine the many many other police accounts that were never counter-checked, or disputed or challenged by unsuspecting citizens, wherein those determinations remain gospels and final verdicts. Just imagine the harm and ruins to hapless citizens’ lives as a result of such miscarriage of justice.

    But all is not lost when we use cases and incidents such as this as teachable moments, to correct those inadequacies dogging our social-political collective. Very doable!

  2. These eight lawyers were trained by both of us Counselor says counselor kollie Boayue cell #886257214 & counselor James Boayue cell #0888305743. They are liars, always were liars!!Yes, President Weah is constantly hiring incompetent & irresponsible people, I can defend the actions of his drivers. I. James Boayue I’d a former county attorney & those lawyers were “brought up ” into the po profession by me.
    I reside on the late Joseph Boayue estate as its administrator outside of Ganta city

    • So Cllr. James Boayue, what could you say, is the true story surrounding this accident? I’m sure you, as not only a lawyer but also as a former “County Attorney,” would want justice for all of the victims of this accident, especially the families of those who lost their lives. Thank you for that anticipated clarification.

    • None of those lawyers went to law school but somehow one or two passed the bar (possibly bribery). We know President Weah is uneducated. But the President has certain privileges depending on the nature of the trip will shield him and his party from any legal actions agaisnt them.Counselor Saye kollie Boayue cell #886257214 & counselor James Boayue cell #0888305743 are well versed in presidential privileges.

  3. These lawyers are some of the best Nimba county has. President of Nimba County Bar Association Cllr. J. Awia Vankan Attorney Karkerzeah,
    vice president of Nimba County Bar Association Attorney Allen F. Gweh &  attorney Evelyn Kou Lah
    secretary general of Nimba County Bar Association Attorney T. Emmanuel Tomah, attorneys Aaron Dayeker Kartee, and Musa S. Sidibey.

    The statement from counselors-at-law saye kollie Boayue cell #886257214 & counselor James Boayue cell #0888305743 are inconsistent to the truth. I challenge your knowledge and experience in the courts as compared to theirs. You owe them an apology other I will to to the late Joseph Boayue farm (by ganta city)where you are an administrator and sue you fir defamation of character.

  4. No one is above the law. The very PSDs (Presidential Security Detail) who drove in the opposite direction were at fault. Whether they work for the government or not, they must do some time and be barred from driving for a good period of time. That’ll teach them a lesson. The truth is that they must have known that they were driving in the opposite direction. Some people are ego-driven. Just because a person drives a car that carries the license plate “GV”, does not mean it’s okay to violate the rules of the road. No one in Weah’s government could have told the PSDs to do what they did. The bottom line is they were wrong.

    Fair Punishment:
    1. Revoke thier driving licences.

    2. Make them to do a jail time. Don’t cut their salary. Their kids must eat. Their wives must eat.

    3. After serving some time behind bars, re-hire them and re-ssign them. If they want to drive, it’s okay for them to drive their legally owned vehicles, not government vehicles.

    • People are punished in societies according to the laws or customs of those societies, not by sentiments or emotions. We cannot therefore be ascribing new or different punishments for people based on who they are, where they work, their connections, etc., etc. In other words, there are already established punishments on our law books for culprits or lawbreakers responsible for vehicular accidents resulting into injuries or death. No need reinventing the wheel. Let the full weight of the law prevail.

  5. The very people who doive on the wrong side of the motor rode for which a deadly accident was caused, are to be held responsible. They should not be let off the hook easily. A punishment is a kind of deterrent. I think it’s fair to say that the PSD did not plan the accident. Indeed, it was an accident that could have been avoided if they had driven in their lane. Sadly, a wrong decision was made. Despite whatever sympathy, a punishment must follow. Hopefully, that deter future government vehicle drivers to make informed decisions.

  6. I refused to join the Nimba bar Association for that very fact. Their membership are a disgrace to the Liberian legal profession. Those going for that meeting, as they stated,are certainly prime examples of that.
    Can you imagine our laws in Liberia are now written by 5th grade graduates like Prince Johnson? Prince Johnson was my chamber boy in Nimba?? He’s a soldier, a killer,not a legislator. We seriously need prayers.
    Like I mentioned earlier both Counselor Saye kollie Boayue cell #886257214 & counselor James Boayue cell #0888305743 agree on executive privilege for the President and those associated with his mission.
    I feel sorry for the bereaved family and injured.

  7. No traffic offense is called “reckless vehicular tryranny”, rather a driver who intentionally kills with a vehicle may be held liable for vehicular homicide or, if proven to be a terrorist, vehicular terrorism. Since the name Hilary Snyder falls under the Facebook profile of a White American lady, the cowardly Liberian using it as an alias shouldn’t exploit a tragedy for his or her usual psychotic anti-establishment animus.

    The truth of the matter is that presidential motorcades don’t share rural roads or freeways with other vehicles, thus, were proper procedures followed, accounts of a press vehicle “speeding on the wrong lane” would’ve been moot. Moreover, when it comes to who hit who in collisions, witnesses often see the same events differently, therefore, granted lawyers are deemed more credible, their version here is as good as any witness.

    I’m not supporting earlier police claims, after all, officers make mistakes. For instance, the newspaper Star-Telegram of Forth Worth, Texas, three months ago carried this headline, “Witnesses dispute report by Fort Worth police regarding fatal motorcycle wreck”, which suggests all police officers make mistakes. My point is that we should maintain open minds and stop politicizing everything. In the final analysis, folks, transformational change in Liberia can only be achieved through civility, stability and a united front.

    • Before responding to the rambling rubbish you posted above I googled the name, “Sylvester Moses,” and guess how many other individuals exist that carry that same freaking name, Several! Of particular interest amongst those individuals was this one: “Oct 20, 2016 – 547856 MOSES SYLVESTER A DOB: 01/13/1987 – PAROLED. The Board votes to parole Mr. Moses in August 2017 to GPS for ninety days….”

      This is a murder case that took place in Rhode Island in 2016. By your illogic above, should we now conclude you are that Sylvester Moses, age and other distinct futures of the culprit notwithstanding, and since you are supposed to be the only Sylvester Moses on this planet? How myopic could you be in that regard?

      Just a fortnight ago, you branded me as “Conga,” in another of your narrow-minded preoccupation with who I am and insinuating I was “stoking chaos” with my rhetoric. As if the nativity or tribe of any Liberian matters in the search for an adept and democracy-oriented leadership for that country.

      I am stooping to your idiocy in this case just to underscore further the stupidity one has to navigate here on a daily basis exemplified by one-brain cell characters like you.

      As former director of whatever the security outfit you misdirected before, you ought to present as some level of authority on most of the issues we deliberate here, especially ones with security bents. But your pathetic interjections often leave us wondering whether you are truly a Liberian, or still a Sierra Leonean? The inanities you spew here daily can bear that out. But we are watching you, and very keenly!

  8. Alias Hilary Snyder wrote “We are watching you, and very keenly!” and I’m so scared. “Hilary Snyder” is a fake name and as you correctly indicated, were it otherwise “Facebook” would’ve shown all account holders using it. I read the attacks including a futile attempt at shifting the narrative to etnicity, unsurprisingly, though, missing is your informed critique of my take. What you arrogant group-think group-speak guys hate most is to be held to accout for misleading statements. News flash, leopards don’t change their spots. Meanwhile, we will continue playing these silly games until one veteran triple agent provocateur gets his just desserts.

  9. No, Mr. Baghdad Moses, you don’t have to be “scared.” After all sitting in the luxury of America preaching conformity and meekness to a hapless and dispirited people, and made so by bunch of dope sniffing morons should pose no harm to you. Were you in Monrovia spewing that trash, then you would know who born dog. Just like your masters have started doing to their critics.

    And shame on you for trying so hard to mutate me into someone of your infatuation for all these weeks without success. And you supposed to be “expert” in that area? The peel must be coming off that chaff long disguised as “security expert,” for which or on which we expended so much money for training and all for naught! On a Sierra Leonean at that! And by the way, I am whom I say I am and nobody else, so suffer not your little mind trying to transfigure me.

    Also I am no “group-thinker” as you surmised. Rather I am an independent free-thinking maverick, capable of assessing situations for myself and applying the appropriate remedies as the case maybe. If you will consider the manner in which we flog you here everyday as “group-think” mentality, then you better go back to Farah Bay for a refund of your school fees, because the last time we checked, the meaning of “group-think” was still, “…the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.”

    The rest of your crap will be dealt with in the future under “old business.” That’s a promise.

  10. Folks, our frantic fake braggart’s bark is worse his bite. Panicking, he expatiates, abuses and threatens, yet cannot attempt the rationale thing expected of an educated person: Critique my response to that anti-establishment misinformation of “reckless vehicular tyranny”.

    • Dang, that’s a mouthful. A lot of words. The Liberian Roads are bad and all who drive on them need to beware. I am glad to be done with riding on them and its a wonder even more don’t die from those Presidential and other Governmental cars who act like they own the roads. They show no respect for the public.


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