Expert Witness Links 2 JFK Doctors

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Dr. Nyaquoi Kargbo, the Registrar General of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC), on Tuesday told Civil Law Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice that both doctors Billy Johnson and David Okonu should be held responsible for the death of Nikita Forh, daughter of
Representative Edward Forh.

Kargbo told the crowded court that it was doctors Johnson and Okonu that were on duty when Nakita was taken to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center (JFKMC), where she later died.

Nakita Forh, who was asthmatic, was taken to the JFK on September 26, 2014, to use its nebulizer (oxygen) to help stabilize her breathing condition, but was allegedly refused. She later died on the hospital’s compound, for which her father is seeking US$25 million as damages.

In his testimony on Tuesday, Dr. Kargbo said, “We are talking about the lack of performance on the part of doctors Billy Johnson and David Okonu that led to the death of Nakita.”

It was Dr. Kargbo’s institution, the LMDC that initially investigated Forh’s complaint and held the two doctors responsible for committing several levels of negligence. His testimony has therefore defended Forh’s statement that his daughter was not a victim of the Ebola virus disease.

Kargbo said it was true that many doctors died as a result of the Ebola outbreak.

He, however, denied the JFKMC lawyers’ assertion that he encouraged Rep. Forh to take legal action against the hospital.

“We don’t invite or encourage anybody to take legal action against the institution for any wrong it might have committed, but we say things the way we see it,” Dr. Kargbo clarified.

“This is the first case we have handled that goes to litigation, but this does not mean that when we handle cases, (they do) not go to court. When cases brought before us are taken to court, we have to come and defend our report,” Dr. Kargbo clarified.

He said the late Nakita had earlier suffered bleeding from her private part for more than a week, and she was in that situation living among her family and her father took care of her.

“Forh physically took care of his daughter without any protective gear and subsequently no other person came down with what was supposed to have been Ebola, but to the contrary,” Dr. Kargbo indicated.

The case continues.


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