‘Expedite US$400,000 for Community


The president and CEO of the Grand Bassa Community College, Dr. Levi B. Zangai, said the College is in dire need of county subsidy in the amount of US$400,000.

This amount, according to Dr. Zangai, county caucus has agreed to make it available so as to make the college run smoothly. He stated that in the absence of said funding, the college faces serious facility collapse.

He disclosed that in 2010, US$2.2 million was made available from the County Social Development Fund, which the iron ore giant, ArcelorMittal, provided to the county to help construct modern facilities at the college.

Professor Zangai told the Daily Observer over the weekend that when the US$400,000 is made available, it will help speed up the transfer of all departments to their modern campus by next semester, hopefully in January. He said that he and others have gone through the process in making sure that funds be made available through county sitting, but to no avail.

Professor Zangai: “For the smooth operation of our modern campus, we need pipe-borne water, furniture, constant electricity and other equipment to be installed in the entire building; vehicles for both professors and student operation.”

At present, there are four departments using the facilities of the GBCC modern campus, including Nursing, Agriculture, Computer Science and the Technical vocational component.

Dr. Zangai stressed that, if these departments don’t function as they should because of the lack of funding, it is seriously going to hamper the learning process of the students.

During a tour of the campus, it was observed that the only truck which transports students to and from to the main campus has broken down, and needs repair.

The GBCC was established in 2008 through an Act of the Legislature and approved by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The creation of the college actually derived from the advocacy of the county youths, who strongly held the feet on their political leaders, demanding the establishment of the college

The initial amount US$400,000 was made available by the county from the Arcelor Mittal Social Development Fund to finance the establishment of GBCC.

Since it became operational, it has graduated over 100 men and women, who are now employed with companies, hospitals, clinics, banks and other NGOs, operating in the county.

The aim of the college is to make sure that a strong and a vibrant foundation is built in the county and that students leaving the walls will perform efficiently where ever they are employed.

The GBCC students are not only from Grand Bassa County but all parts of the country.


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