New Executive Orders Waive Storage, Duty Fees on Select Imports


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued Executive Orders No. 85 and 86, waiving customs duty and storage fees at the Freeport of Monrovia, and extending Executive Order 78, exempting the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) from customs duties on selected items, a release from the Executive Mansion said yesterday.

According to the release, Executive Order 85 notes that the Government of Liberia (GOL), having assessed the increase in storage fees and customs duties accrued to containers at the Freeport of Monrovia, decided to initiate measures that will provide relief to its people.

Executive Order 85 said that in furtherance of the assessment during her annual message to the Sixth Session of the 53rd Legislature on January 23, the President made a pronouncement indicating that the government will provide relief on custom duties and storage fees; that the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the National Port Authority (NPA) “shall establish procedures for the (implementation) of said relief”; and that in the exercise of the Executive Power vested in the President by the Constitution, the President may issue Executive Order in the public interest to correct a particular situation.

Executive Order 85 took effect on as of July 25, 2017, the eve of Independence Day, and shall last up to and including August 31, 2017.

With the power invested in her under the Constitution, President Sirleaf has ordered: That storage charges beyond the first seven days and custom duty on non-commercial containers accrued at the Freeport of Monrovia prior to December 31, 2016, by NGOs, churches, mosques, schools, hospitals, clinics, humanitarian organizations and individual Liberians (for non-commercial relief and personal use goods, excluding vehicles) are hereby waived.

Meanwhile, Executive Order No. 86 has directed the extension of Executive Order 78, exempting the LWSC from customs duties on selected items.

Executive Order No. 86 states: “Whereas, the LWSC, a government entity responsible for providing and ensuring the distribution of clean and safe drinking water and maintaining effective sewerage services within Liberia benefited from a previous Executive Order (78). Whereas, the government recognizes the need for the continuous process of providing and ensuring the distribution of clean and safe drinking water and maintaining an effective sewer system that will curtail potential disease outbreaks and other communicable diseases…

“Whereas, the LWSC is committed to sustaining adequate water supply and exhaustively controlling the over flow of the sewerage in the streets of Monrovia and its environs, and also maintaining the tariff at an affordable cost for the people of Liberia.”

The Executive Order notes that the LWSC must forge ahead in overcoming enormous challenges and retrospect on obtaining resources for new projects as well as rehabilitating the old facilities for the supply of water and delivery of prompt sewerage services. In the exercise of the Executive Power vested in the President by the Constitution, the President issues Executive Order No. 86 – exempting the LWSC from customs duties on certain products and related items for the effective operation of the LWSC’s water treatment plants and sewerage facilities.

Executive Order No. 86 concludes – “that the government, recognizing the need for exemption of custom duty and in the interest of national reconstruction and development hereby issues this Executive Order exempting from the payment of custom duties the following items: a.) Diesel Fuel for operations and production; b.) Notable and consumable spares for operation(s); c.) Low lift and high lift pumps to be used at the water treatment plant(s); d.) Water treatment chemicals and chlorinates (e.) Laboratory apparatus for water treatment facilities (white plains and outstations); (f.) Heavy duty equipment to include asphalt cutter, jack hammer, leak detectors, valves (air relief, surge and line), pressure sewer cleaner and high pressure assorted pipes and fittings; ( g.) Flow meters.

Executive Order No. 86 took effect as of July 25, 2017.



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