Ex-rebel Generals Score First Casualty

On orders of General Power, police officers flogged an unarmed civilian until he became unconscious.

— Ahead of June 7 protest

An unarmed supporter of Montserrado County District#10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, was brutally beaten and left unconscious on Wednesday, June 5, 2919 at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP) on Capitol Hill, on the alleged order from a former rebel commander, Augustine Nagbe, alias “General Power.”

Many who witnessed yesterday’s incident have described it as the ex-rebel fighters’ first causality ahead of the planned June 7 “peaceful protest.”

General Power was the spokesperson of former rebels drawn from multiple fighting groups now defunct, along with some disbanded soldiers of the old Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) that recently ordered Rep. Kolubah to turn himself over to them. The former ex-rebels had demanded Rep. Kolubah’s surrender for his accusation against them, alleging that the ex-rebel generals “collected money from Presidential Affairs Minister Nathaniel F. McGill to go after critics of President George Weah and his administration.”

General Power at the time continued, “The former rebel generals have given Rep. Kolubah, himself a former rebel general of the erstwhile National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), a 72-hour ultimatum to turn himself over” to the office of the ex-rebel generals, threatening to forcefully arrest him should he fail to show up peacefully.”

Rep. Kolubah is a member of the Council of Patriots (CoP), organizers of the June 7 “Save the State” Protest.

Wednesday’s incident ensued following the reported arrest of Rep. Kolubah by heavily armed police officers at his Old Road Sinkor residence, who brought him to the LNP headquarters on Capitol Hill to provide information regarding a complaint filed against him by people believed to be family members of a man identified as Emmanuel Freeman. Mr. Freeman’s family had alleged that Rep. Kolubah’s bodyguards flogged Freeman unmercifully and accused the lawmaker of “attempted murder”.

After noticing that Rep. Kolubah’s interrogation has lasted for hours and without any assurance that police would release the lawmaker any time soon, it was when his supporters stormed the LNP headquarters in demand of Kolubah’s release.

The supporters later assembled in front of the police headquarters in an attempt to know the status of the lawmaker, whom they claimed was illegally arrested.

After hours of intense tussle between the armed officers and the unarmed supporters of Rep. Kolubah, the police was successful to push the protesters out of the main street, Capitol bye-pass, to ensure free movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

By 10:30 a.m., the situation had turned chaotic to the point where the ex-rebel General Power arrived in a black jeep with some well-armed officers of the Police Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and immediately ordered the ERU officers to manhandle anyone found “loitering.”

Immediately after General Power arrived and issued the order, he was publicly heard in a handset radio conversation with a senior police officer, Robert Saah (109) to dislodge the protesters from the LNP headquarters.

Following the order, it was when General Power then instructed the armed officers to tear gas the Kolubah supporters, an order which the LNP successfully implemented, while the some of the supporters retaliated by stone-throwing at the officers.

The situation, according to multiple eyewitnesses, took an acute turn when General Power himself arrested one of Kolubah’s supporters, who was seated in a parked pick-up that drove some of the his colleagues to the LNP headquarters.

One account said General Power was visibly seen hitting on the neck and back of the unarmed civilian, before turning him over to the LNP officers, who “unmercifully flogged the man until he become unconscious.”

General Power (far right, in vest and green trousers) commanded LNP officers to flog an unarmed civilian in Monrovia.

Shorty afterward, General Power reportedly ordered the officers to drag their unconscious victim and jail him; an order the LNP fully implemented for the former rebel fighter.

Up to the publication of this account last night, the medical status of the unidentified victim remains unknown, but our investigation continues.

Government ‘invites’ ex-rebel fighters

In its Wednesday edition, this newspaper reported that the government had reported invited some former rebel fighters to Monrovia in an attempt to “beef up” security operations to quell the planned June 7 “peaceful protest” in case the situation gets out-of-hand.

The Daily Observer said it has obtained multiple reports, which confirmed the presence of an influx of ex-rebel fighters in Monrovia as the clock ticks towards June 7.

The newspaper named some of the ex-rebel fighters as General Kemoh, aka K-1 of the defunct rebel Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), Mark Guan, one of Benjamin Yeaten’s bodyguards, Yon Gblorgbay, a once feared rebel commander of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Yon Goanue, and E-Mehn or Nuahn, alias Idi Amin, etc.

Those reportedly from Nimba and other rural parts are said to be at a location in Paynesville, outside Monrovia and are being well taken care by an unnamed lawmaker from the county with the approval of the government.

Further, according to sources, a prominent member of the Legislature has been actively encouraging those ex-rebel fighters in Nimba County to come to Monrovia and stand by for any possible action on the side of the government as in the case of General Power as witnessed by the public in yesterday’s incident in the courtyard of the LNP.


  1. That is the way to deal with heathens who are anti-God and anti-laws with absolutely no regard for civility but understands the language of FORCE! Even in the holy books, it is written: give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar, and to God, what belongs to God! God himself decrees that those in governmental authority are ordained by God, hence must be respected. Kolubah and his fellow scumbags must be tamed as the government in Egypt tamed similar scumbags in Egypt for the common good.

    • see!!!! you are encouraging force and brutality, but it could be you or your brother. all that is needed is for weah to do the right thing, and this right thing is to send for investigation those suspected people around him, put in acting leaders in their position at any time they are summon and retake their positions after hearing if weah love them, that is a power he has. ( but if you pull a rope, it will pull a bush) this is the fear of the government or weah. it happen in the USA with Trump and his Lawyer. but think God America has a very strong law and System. and good that the US president was able to defend and stay defending himself with the law, but if the law finds him guilty, he will pay, until then his is innocent. If yekeh a representative can be arrested as law maker what about a Minister who don’t make laws. they are not above the law not even the president of Liberia is. this is why common people will run away for their lives or Asylum in another land when they speak on issues that the authority of the day do not like. but for the law maker, he can not run. I just hope no one gets kill tomorrow or the situation don’t turn into war again. I pray for you my friend and every other Liberian or man who think when things are not going the way it should others should not speak out. ( You can’t always see from inside but from outside) CDC spoke from outside gov during Ellen time (1million man match), why can’t they allow others to. I don’t support the protest but speaking out, and the government should be about to do something about issues when they are highlighted. or give time, work towards doing something for a change. mostly the party that call itself C. for Democratic change. If this protest ends, there will always be another until there is a change from the Democratic change leaders and government due to the hardship our people are face with daily and things are not improving for almost 2yrs now. may God save Liberia, and help you know issues are not resolve by force.

    • I the Lord had spoken to men of governmental authority or was in authority like Prince Johnson , rebel leader, Kolubah , rebel leader and elected government leader like George Weah, the Chosen Son and those appointed by him and given MY authority to person like ex-rebel General Power , I the Lord has given them the authority to put MY wrath upon the Liberian people, said the Lord . Because they will not submit themselves to those who I the Lord had Ordained MY authority to, cruelty and brutality will be their mercy. I the Lord has spoken these words to the Liberian people. Representative Kolubah is in governmental authority, George Weah is in governmental authority Prince Johnson is in governmental authority on to them the things that belongs to them. And on to God the things that belongs to Him. And when Gontee is elected as Senator by F. Hney for Montserrado County, he too shall have authority like Kolubah, the rebel. And I the Lord shall give them MY authority to pour MY wrath upon the Liberian people. I the Lord has spoken. Well , with a civil war education and post civil education that got so many Liberians unable to enter their own universities, interpreting the Words of God must be difficult. Not their fault, it is the education, coupled with a silly mindset.

    • Same nonsense you President Samuel Doe, until Prince Johnson cut his ear off – you guys can’t ever learn

  2. Spoken like a true plebian. This current govt has handle this whole protest worse then kids in kindergarten. If they had ignore these people and let them protest, this won’t be a big deal. Now people with your mindset has given this protest and the Liberian people a reason to come out. Weah and his people acting like Doe all over again… I used to believe he had a good heart but good hearted people don’t attract and maintain wicked people around them. I didn’t care for this protest now I pray people come out to protest. The worse possible outcome for Liberia now is if people don’t come out in large numbers for this protest. Even cdcians who love Liberia need to show up. Liberia needs the check and balance. You can’t loved CDC more than you love Liberia. This is not an endorsement of the protest but I love this mess up country too much.

  3. Nobody has denied the protesters their right to protest. The government has given them the green-light to do so but should be done peacefully and in the confine of the laws.The government has it own security LNP, Armed Forces and other security apparatus why will she bring in ex-rebel fighters from rural areas.Daily observer has joined front page Africa to spread falsehood, lies and misinformation in the Liberians society.All the news organ who are in the habit of reporting fallacy are complete enemy to the state and their professional ethics.You will never get the bribe you want. keep reporting imaginations and think that you will get that bribe for your personal ego.

  4. Ring it out Kou!
    Please consider your next move to be a declaration of intent to run for an elective office in one of the following counties: Montserrado, Margibi or Bomi.

    Welcome back!

    • you are also encouraging force and brutality like your friend’s doing? ( saying = Ring it out Kou!). I pray for you. Read my post to your friend who you want declare his intend for elective office. if he wins which I pray for, he will face opposition so is Life we always have opposition. it is my prayer he knows what to do when the time comes. But I pray he be blameless and no one speak against him. instead of advising CDC or weah to correct the mistakes he is making, let those around the cases be investigated and reinstate them when they are found free, you supporting your friend and my friend to help silence others. they weah had done something sooner this protest will not have been plan by those who planning it. I pray for you and for my country Liberia. let there be peace before, during, and after June 7. and it shall be in Jesus name. Amen

  5. Mumu is right there saying and doing nothing. But the international community is watching and will pretty soon have who to blame for all this. Incompetency at its highest!

  6. Hello James Davis,
    Your independent thoughts are lacking young man. Get out the groove and stop playing God. Kou is unflappable. Kou does not showboat, but is rather a forthright individual.


  7. Prince,
    You are new in my neighborhood. I have not seen you, neither have I heard about you. I extend a hand of welcome to you. Let’s be respectful of each other’s views.

    Prince, the manner in which you’re introducing yourself is unscrupulous. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    I am not encouraging violence. If you had seen what I have written, you would not accuse me so blatantly. Please stop.

    Kou is a straightforward individual. When I say “ring it out” I am not suggesting that people should use violence as a means to an end. Stop putting words in my mouth.

  8. Well, sorry if you feel bad about what I said. Liberia is all we have. We all need to join our voices to ask weah to release those around him for investigation. If they are Not guilty, he can re-employ them. Not to tell yekeh and the others to stop speaking. If your man Kou is a straightforward individual like you said and love Liberia and Liberians, he will not encourage yekeh or any Liberian to be treated by the government as they have started doing. Most problem like these are not solve by FORCE. You and I duty maybe to sit and talk but others will want to get in the street to speak out. So let it be. No need to Arrest people without a court order if it is not life threatening. Watch if the police go out to arrest like june 6 without life threats, it may turn out bad for Liberia and the president. The world is watching us, our kids need to go to school without fear, and with atlease 3 meals a day before bed. Thank u and every other Liberian that try to promote peace and dialogue in place of war and protest. I suffer the 15yrs war and don’t want any Liberian nor my children to go through the same. If you meant good, again I am sorry if you are hurt about what I said, lets pray tonight for our motherland. I am praying all goes well so that a decision the president could have made for few people around him to be judge in place of the few lives that may be lost or those that may get hurt innocently. May God almighty save my country Liberia. And sorry again my friend.

  9. Is your reporter a coward not to have mentioned Prince Johnson as the ex-rebel general who is calling on his ex-rebels to come down to Monrovia to cause trouble??? Or is he/she not sure of sources being quoted??


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