“Ex-Rebel Generals’ Proximity to State Power Is Dangerous”

Nimba County District #8 Rep. Younquoi (left) is the Chairman of the House Committee on Good Governance and Government. Nimba County District #6 Rep. Dorwohn T. Gleekia (right) is the House Chairman on Peace, Religious and Reconciliation

–2 lawmakers condemn 72-hour ultimatum to Rep. Kolubah

The emergence of the ex-rebel fighters on the political theatre in recent days, has continued to receive condemnations from the public, the latest being two lawmakers of the 54th Legislature.

On Friday, April 19, 2019, two members of the House Representatives Standing Committees on Good Governance and Government as well as Peace, Religion and Reconciliation, issued a joint statement, condemning “the regrouping of former rebel generals,” who gained notoriety for their respective brutal participation in the Liberian civil war (1989 – 2003) that resulted to the deaths of over 250,000 persons, and mass destruction of properties, and the societal fabrics.

The two lawmakers also criticized the ex-rebel fighters for their public appearance and political utterances and warned against their threatening statement — a clear usurpation of State’s functions — to arrest Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, if he failed to surrender himself in 72 hours to “justice” on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

The lawmakers believe that the re-grouping of the ex-rebel fighters is unwanted, “because they are non-State actors. So their threat is worrisome, demonstrates a looming crisis reminiscent of the country’s dark days. Their closeness to the powers that be is tantamount to extreme fear and danger.”

In a telephone conversation over the weekend, Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi told the Daily Observer that the ex-rebel generals should instead put their acts together to get a legal team that would plead on their behalf to exonerate them, whenever they are subsequently arraigned before the pending War and Economic Crimes Court. They should stop usurping power that is already assigned to state security agencies, whose officers are paid by Liberian tax payers’ money.

“I cannot say whether the ultimatum from those so-called ex-rebel fighters, was accidental or orchestrated, but what we can say is that the re-emergence of rebels, to in fact issue ultimatum, is worrisome and condemnable in our fragile peace,” Rep. Younquoi said.

According to Younquoi, Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson, himself an ex-rebel fighter, made similar statement when he vowed to “fight against his arrest if there will be a War and Economic Crimes Court to try him.”

Rep. Younquoi is the chairman of the House Committee on Good Governance and Government, and head of the Liberia delegation to the African Parliamentary Union.

Also, the House chairman on Peace, Religious and Reconciliation, Nimba County District #6 Representative, Dorwohn T. Gleekia, also condemned the ex-rebel generals’ public statement, saying it was an affront to the country’s government and the peace; reminding people of the days when the country was at war with it self.

“Therefore, the government should stop witch-hunting by dissociating itself from former fighters, since the country’s fragile peace prevails,” Rep. Gleekia said.

According to Gleekia, Liberia needs peace and reconciliation not an echo of the dark days where “the rule of jungle justice by rebel fighters from the various so-called factions were against the rule of law.”

He added, “we are proposing a National Peace and Reconciliation Conference, hoping that President George Weah will support the idea.”

For that, authorities at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the United Nations Peacebuilding Office are being invited to appear before the House Plenary where Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, former Interim President, has expressed support to the proposed Peace Conference.

It can recalled that ex-rebel generals from various defunct factions on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, distanced themselves from an allegation attributed to Rep. Kolubah. But shortly after the Kolubah’s statement, the ex-rebel fighters issued a joint statement threatening to arrest him on behalf of the government.


  1. No single individual has monopoly over violence and militancy. Even the coolest heads can become dangerous if he /she is pushed against the wall. If one individual thinks he/she can bully other by being more militant, he is sending a wrong message to other onlookers. Others will soon see it as a decent platform for gaining notoriety.

    I m not against any individual expressing himself and criticizing the government, but it should be done in a decent and professional manner. Our society has a higher illiteracy rate, as such, people quick to seek pseudo hero which lacks any substance. I m not also supporting the proliferation of Ex-war Generals gathering at the corridor of power as a ‘show of counter force’. Both of those two, are sending dangerous messages to our young people.

    In a society where a Phantom Pseudo Heroes has quickly being turn into a vilify monsters in the past, I m only sending a signal to Bro. Yekeh Kolubah, those carrying you shoulder high today, may be the same one that will turn their back on you tomorrow.

    Brother Kolubah, there are two kinds of friends, those that around you now, and who will be there when you are no one. Those around today, are those who need you, to do their works…….to use you as a ladder to their various highs of ascendancy. Once they get to where they want to be, you are of no use to them, trust me. Just read Liberia history from 1977 or from April 14 1979 to 1997. you will know what I m talking about.
    To my mother of Pleebo, Maryland County, Liberia. She was not there during my graduation in in Feb.
    I just visited her a month ago.
    Ma, Your son is on the Picket Line, pray for me.

  2. I awoke this morning and had a recall touring the Holy Land of Israel and beholding some of its breathtaking beauty. And for me, the entire trip was mesmerizing because it afforded me the opportunity to see from firsthand accounts, places of Biblical and historical importance particularly as they relate to the birth place of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Included in my reverie, were views of the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount, and the Dome of the Rock and so forth that are sacred to the heart of both Jews and Moslems.

    Nevertheless, amidst all the spectacular views, the scene suddenly changed and I now find myself in the corridors of the Knesset, the Israeli lawmaking body; and, what is unfolding here is incredibly unbelievable, and very riveting.

    A rancorous group of individuals who is dressed in Ex-Nazi apparels and called themselves, The Nazi Sympathizers, is staging a demonstration. They are waving swastikas and other xenobic insignias; demanding for equal rights; and forcing the government to make concessions with them. Otherwise, they will take the law into their own hands.

    Before this drama can end, my recall is abruptly halted, and then I finally realized that what I was experiencing was just a dream and only a dream. And yes, truly yes, it had to be a dream because nowhere in this day and time will the Jewish People, a people of great fortitude and resolve who had once in their national history endured ethnic pogroms and grave episodes of near annihilation, will ever remain silent again in the face of naked aggression, ethnic cleansing, and ethnic genocide.

    Unlike Israel, Liberia is exceptionally a shocking disgrace. I say this because Liberia is the only country in West Africa and the world for that matter, where the government will allow psychopathic murderers, individuals who committed horrific crimes, crimes that are comparable to those committed by the Ex-Nazi soldiers against innocent women, men, children and the most vulnerable within the society, to roam the country unafraid and unapologetically.

    These hardcore and emboldened criminals brazenly reveal themselves at the Temple of Justice, and they were allowed to leave without being arrested.

    And so a prevalent belief that has began to seep through the minds of average Liberians is the thought that what is encouraging these psychopathic killers to behave like the way they are behaving, is the fact that they are receiving either some direct or indirect support from the echelons of authority.

    To advance this thought further, a certain segment of the society has become filthy rich from the chronic daylight theft in the Liberia. As the result, that segment is now fleeing from its own shadow. And fearing the repercussions that might follow, it has begun to think ahead and seek some avenue of security or social protection. Therefore, the springing up of these vicious groups might be the result of that quest.

    A common fallacy that has always prevailed in the the Liberian noveau riche (wealth acquirers) is the feeling of invincibility and callousness. After taking the tranquillizing drug of ill-gotten wealth, they forget to understand that they are finally the subject of societal scorn. But sooner or later they often discover that an ungodly accumulation of wealth will not continue without facing the dire consequences.

    The culture of impunity that pervades within the Liberian society has deep roots in over a century-old system of political corruption that seems not to abate; and, it has bred a degree of leadership ineptness. I have talked to some of the Weah’s supporters about the prevalence of corruption and the culture of impunity in the country, and the only answer that I do receive is that it has existed in the past. But does it mean that since it had happened in the past, so it should continue to happen?

    As a result, the moral and political will to organize a unify front in reining in the injustices, advancing the socio-political, and socio-economic development of the Liberian society is lacking. We cannot continue to repeat the mistakes of the past and expect to achieve future positive results.

    • Very bad omen for Liberia in that case. And all the warning signs including the general misgiving, the crushing and paralyzing hardship, the soaring disenchantment, unending murders coupled with a general sense of hopelessness have engulfed the country with apocalyptic prognostication. Unless we change course and immediately at that, we will end up exactly where we are headed-Armageddon!

  3. Well said. “The culture of impunity that pervades within the Liberian society has deep roots in over a century-old system of political corruption that seems not to abate; and, it has bred a degree of leadership ineptness. ” And it is that impunity and ignorance that will bring down its culture once again. It is a brutal place with out regard for women, children and the handicapped. The swagger and posturing among you while your children live in squalor and on the streets homeless and afraid is astounding. Like a basket of crabs you fight and bicker. Who among you will be the light to lead the country out of poverty?


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