Ex-President’s Family Gets Property Back

Charles R. Johnson Jr. and Margret D. Johnson.jpg

After years of legal wrangling over properties owned by Liberia’s 9th President, the Late Hilary R.W. Johnson, the Probate Court has now managed to identify the legitimate administrators of the Johnson Estate, who executed no will before he died.

Though there was no will, Judge Vinton Holder ruled and accepted a request from two family members that they be appointed as administrators of the estate.

His acceptance gave the rights to Charles R. Johnson, Jr. and Margaret D. Johnson as the legitimate administrators of the Johnson Estate.

The estate also includes the late Fredrick E.R. Johnson and late Charles R. Johnson.

Provision was made by Judge Holder that income from the properties be used to pay debts owed by the deceased to certain individuals.

The Judge also requested Charles and Margaret to follow up with other people who were indebted to the deceased to make them settle their arears.

“You are required to make a true and perfect inventory of the properties of the said deceased not willed within 60 days from the date hereof, which have or may hereafter come to your knowledge and be appraised according to law,” Holder said in his decision.


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