Ex-Presidential Aspirant Invents Biomass Electric Power Machine

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One of Liberia’s 2005 and 2011 presidential aspirants, Mr. T.Q. Harris, has invented a biomass electric power machine to cheaply provide electricity in the country using wood and other solid waste materials.

Mr. Harris, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the HV WoodGas Technology unveiled the Prototype Gasifier Machine at their research center Monday, February 3rd on the Duport Road.

Mr. Harris told journalists Monday that the initiative is to adequately tackle the lack of electricity in the country especially in the rural of the country, is named and styled ‘Darkness Must Go.’

The spirited inventor said the biomass electric power machine, called Prototype Gasifier was developed in the country over year through the ably assistance of Igbo Vincent, who the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HV WoodGas Technology.

 He explained that the machine is capable of processing ordinary wood chips into ‘syngas’ that can replace gasoline or diesel in operating a combustion engine.

“In other words, this device (gasifier) uses wood to power a typical generator that produces electric light and also use to cook, amongst others,” Mr. Harris said.

He added: “Electric power generated from biomass (wood, palm, kernel, coconut shell, palm oil and others) is far cheap than petroleum. Moreover, biomass causes zero emission and does not destroy the environment.”

The former presidential hopeful said the company is seeking national and international partners’ supports to make mass productions of the biomass electric power machines (Prototype Gasifier) to engage in adequate supply of affordable electric power, which is critical to Liberia’s development and transformation.

“We at HV WoodGas are prepared to make our contribution to light up Liberia utilizing local materials found in abundance,” Mr. Harris said.

He added: “We also will be introducing electric power generators that operate palm oil.”

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) HV WoodGas Technology, Mr. Igbo Vincent demonstrated the usage of the Prototype Gasifier and stressed that the beauty of the machine is that it produces cheap, pollution-free electricity from pieces of wood and other agricultural waste products.

“We can install gasiffier systems within the range of 10 kilowatts to 5 megawatts, and provide training and maintenance for all our products,” Mr. Vincent noted.

He added: “The use of biomass to generate electricity will also create thousands of jobs in the urban and rural communities.”

The HV WoodGas Technology, according to Mr. Harris, also offers a complete turnkey system, which involves project management, engineering, procurement, construction, and training as well as on-site support services.

Meanwhile, Mr. Harris is on record of describing the Ellen-led Government of not performing to improve the living conditions of the Liberian people, most of whom are poverty stricken due to high unemployment and 16 years of civil crisis perpetrated by the likes Madam Johnson-Sirleaf and others.

He equally challenged the Liberian President to unconditionally implement recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which banned the Liberian President and others from taking part in politics for 30 years.

Speaking during his visit which many described as a surprise, informed the President that while he was an aspirant to the presidency, he considers himself an opponent, not an enemy, and his sole interest was for the betterment of Liberia.


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