Ex-Division 1 Footballers Endorse Cummings

(L-R) former Lone Star forward Kai Jebor and former IE and Mighty Barrolle player Opata Lawrence

Another group of former players of national football teams, Senior and Junior Lone Star, including 1st and 2nd division teams, have endorsed the presidential bid of Alexander B. Cummings.

Ex-Lone Star winger Kai Jerbo and Mighty Barolle former right forward Opata Lawrence said: “Cummings is the best candidate to lead the country.”

The duo made the endorsement yesterday at the headquarters of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) on 24th Street, Sinkor. They represented 27 former players from the national teams and top-flight clubs.

“When we read the platform of Cummings, what attracted us, is Liberia first – it means we must choose Liberia over our relations, colleagues, buddies and whosoever,” Jerbo said.

“We have decided to campaign and vote for Cummings; he is the only person who can deliver this country.”

Kai Jerbo played for IE (1984 – 1992), Junior and Senior Lone Star teams from 1982-1984 and 1984-1992 respectively.

For his part, Lawrence said the ANC political leader, if elected as President of Liberia, would transform the country by creating job opportunities, investing in the agricultural sector to make Liberia feed herself, and ensure a sound education and healthcare system.

The former Junior Lone Star, Mighty Barrolle, and IE forward argued that Liberians deserve better after 170 years of existence.

He said the ANC standard bearer would boost Liberia’s healthcare delivery system and tackle corruption at all levels of the Liberian society.

It may be recalled that two weeks ago, another set of former footballers under the banner “Unity Party Soccer Legends” expressed their support to Vice President Joseph Boakai.

The group comprises of spokesman Dionysius Sebwe and more than 15 former players, including Boy Charles, Ezekieh Doe, Papee Sumo, Pewu Bestman, Kelvin Sebwe and Ben Saydee.

They said their support to Ambassador Boakai is based on his vision for sports and the development of Liberia.


  1. Wow! It’s unfortunate that individuals pledging support to ANC have become a news story twisted, polished, sensationalized and termed as “Ex-Division 1 Foot-Ball Players indorsed Cummings.” How did Kai Jerba, my former schoolmate from Bong Mines and his buddy become an organization to pledge support to a political entity in this race? As usual, most Liberian journalists either do not understand the laws or failed miserably to conduct research to enable them to write a balanced story. Many times, especially during this electoral process, I have read religious leaders, churches, trade union organizations, including Yana Boys, Marketing Associations, Motor-Circle Riders Associations to name a few, making ill-advised pronouncements in support of their preferred candidates and political leaders after receiving inducement incentives, without consideration for their membership or the Trade, Religious and Labor Laws of the Nation.

    Again, I’m not at all surprised due to the lawlessness which has permeated even the Supreme Court and by extension, the entire Judiciary System, Houses of the Liberian Senate and Representatives, the Executive Branch and the entire governing system of the Nation. What is even laughable but not funny is the way and manner in which the Supreme Court of the Nation conducts itself, especially the inconsistency and lobed-sided decisions based on interests and not the Laws. It’s sickening to note that the Supreme Court which is clothed with the responsibility to ensure the accurate interpretation of the Constitution of the Nation has become a laughing stock and a place for interest political posturing.

    To the dismay of Liberians in general, even those elected to make laws and protect the institution have often used it for financial gains and personal aggrandizements. Those Liberians elected a few years ago and given the titles of “Honorables” have now become “Horribles.” My only hope and the hope of majority Liberians is that any future government elected on October 10th this year will see reasons to reform the entire system and bring sanctity, honor, and pride to the Nation and people and hopefully, restore dignity in Media Houses of the Nation.

    • What the heck are you whining about? Have you never heard individual or a group of individuals or celebrities endorse a presidential candidate before?

      The other day it was in the news that the defense minister endorsed his uncle Joseph Boakai,but I did not see you comment against it.

      Don’t you know that those former Lone Star players are celebrities and they have fans and followings? Must you condemn everything that others do?

  2. This is the Liberian way of looking at things when elections are around. Well, almost everybody
    is corrupt, so we don’t know who to choose. Just choose somebody and if he turns out to be
    corrupt, then that is. You got to choose someone any way.

    Another thing confronting Liberians when elections is this. Every candidate or all candidates are
    recycled politicians. So, it is difficulty to know who is not. But you can do is to be part of elections.
    Just choose anyone of them. When that turns out to be bad, then is not your business.

    Well this elections are a different elections. Why? Because there is an alternative available to
    Liberians. Their desire suppose this year, 2017 October 10 is to try new thing for change. Liberians
    must remember that from Joseph Jenkins Roberts’ time, Liberians have been trying this man or
    that man simply because he is one of them have woefully failed and continues to fail the country.
    Why not try new and clean person and see the direction he will carry the country?

    Liberians this year have the wonderful opportunity to make a real jump from the old way of
    electing someone the same from JJ Roberts’ time will not benefit the country. Liberians have the
    man Alexander B. Cummings to try. That will be a real jump from the old way to the new way of
    change. People all over the world aspire to change and so Liberians can.


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