Winston Tubman, Endorses Cummings

Cllr. Winston Tubman embraces ANC standard bearer: "So today I'm declaring before the country and indeed the whole world that I am fully behind and support the presidential ambition of Alexander Cummings."

Ex-CDC Standard Bearer, promises to join strength to make ANC victorious on October 10

The former standard bearer of the main opposition political party, the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC), Cllr. Winston Tubman, has formally departed the CDC and publicly pledged his support and membership to the Alternative National Congress (ANC). The Tubmans, including Cllr. Tubman, his wife and Mr. Alfred Tubman, endorsed the candidacy of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings on Thursday, August 31, 2017 at a program held at the headquarters of the ANC on 24th Street in Sinkor.

“I have been active in the politics of our country for many years and I have been trying to bring our people together, and I’m still doing that. The fact that I have come here today to identify with Alexander Cummings shows that that commitment is still very strong,” Cllr. Tubman said. “So today I’m declaring before the country and indeed the whole world that I am fully behind and support the presidential ambition of Alexander Cummings.”

He added that, “Before making this decision I consulted many people, many Liberians that I respect; and many of them said yes, Mr. Cummings is a good candidate, but he just came and has not been here long, and he can’t win. That’s what they kept saying. But by joining him today, l am bringing to him some strengths to add to what he already has, and I am not coming alone. All the years of my association with other parties, with youth wings, with many groups that were waiting for me to run, l don’t want to disappoint them; I want to raise their hope because by making this alliance today so we can bring together all of our strength to make sure Mr. Cummings is the next President of Liberia.

“No one person will have all the elements that are needed to make a good president of Liberia. Therefore we have to put together, pull together all that we have in order to strengthen the hands of Mr. Alex Cummings, so that when the polls open and he is ahead of this ticket, he will have behind him a massive following of supporters across the country. Now, it would have been easy just to say I support Mr. Cummings, and people would get to hear that but I don’t just intend to do that, I intend to follow through by going to areas where I’m known, and when I go there I intend to carry the message of Mr. Cummings to be headed for the Executive Mansion. He is an outstanding Liberian, and he is an outstanding leader. He appeals to all Liberians, and intends to unite us, not to divide us.”

Cllr. Tubman is a household name in Liberian politics and has a vast knowledge of national and international issues. The nephew of Liberia’s longest serving president, William Tubman, who ran the country for 26 years, and educated at Harvard and Cambridge universities, Winston Tubman worked under Samuel Doe as Justice Minister in the 1980s. Tubman has a long history with the UN, working at the office of Legal Affairs between 1973-1975 and from 1991-1996 and also for the UN Environmental Program. In 1998, Tubman became adviser to the Force Commander of the United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM). Thereafter, he joined the UN envoy to Somalia between 2002-2005, and participated in the 2005 presidential elections representing the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL), earning fourth place, and the CDC in 2011, settling for second place.

He influenced the CDC to pull out of the 2011 runner-up, and was highly critical of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Johnson Sirleaf in early October 2011, arguing that she did not deserve the prize.

Meanwhile, a press release quoted Cllr. Tubman as also saying: “I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Alexander B. Cummings is the right person to pull Liberia out of the difficult situation she finds herself in. With his experience, integrity and vision, he is the only candidate who I can have the full confidence to support in this election. Mr. Cummings’ background is virtually spotless and has truly lived his life with integrity and honesty.” Tubman said Cummings has articulated clearly the issues and problems Liberia is facing and the solutions needed to fix them, adding that he is impressed by the enthusiasm Cummings generates, particularly among young people. He said he is impressed by Cummings’ leadership style, his ability to work with others, and his respect for everybody. His messages and ideals, Tubman said, are resonating with people all over the country, “and l am proud to become a member of the Cummings movement and endorse his presidency.” Tubman concluded by saying that as a veteran of Liberian politics, he can wholehearted say that Mr. Cummings truly is the beginning of a new era, “he is the change that the Liberian people have been hoping and praying for.”

Also speaking, the ANC standard bearer thanked Cllr. Tubman and the Tubmans. “I am honored and encouraged by your endorsement. This is the kind of activity I want my administration to mirror. I want to be able to bring politicians together, where they can meet on ideas, principles, and on the common interest of the prosperity of our nation,” Mr. Cummings said. He told the crowd including the Tubmans to recite the ANC’s ‘Pledge of Belief”: I believe in myself; I believe in Liberia; I believe that when we work harder, and if we elect the ANC, we can have a better Liberia.” For his part, the ANC vice standard bearer, Mr. Jeremiah Sulunteh, said he comes “as a John the Baptist the prepares the way for Cllr. Tubman. I was the vice standard to Cllr. Tubman in 2005 (on the ticket of the National Democratic Party of Liberia) and we came in the fourth place. And in the 2011 presidential election with the CDC he came in the second place.” He added:“ As someone who has known Tubman for many years, I know this is not a decision that he has made lightly. That he, like I, came to this choice after vigorous consultations and a survey of all those asking to lead, and found Mr. Cummings to be the most fit.”



  1. Of course the old man left Oppong out there in the cold. The old man never truly believed Oppong was President material. He only joined Oppong because he thought Oppong’s popularity would help propel him ( Tubman) to the presidency.

  2. But Winston Tubman is highly irrelevant and clearly unpopular in contemporary Liberian electoral processes or elections. Whatever amount Winston got in his past presidential bid could have no way been achieved without George Weah. At least the largest grassroot following (the CDC VOTERS) now know who Winston Tubman is truly …AN UNGRATEFUL HYPOCRITE!!!

    Watch it, right before, after, or during the time George Weah is inaugurated in January 2018, you will see this very same Winston Tubman showering President George Manneh Weah with all the praises in the world!

    • Mr. Tubman has the right to select who ever he wants to support. I don’t understand why it is a problem to you? Just go ahead and support a person of your choice. I wish you will get over it before or after the election and your can be friends again.

  3. Greetings from Nairobi and good day Liberians. Here in Kenya, we are trying to come to terms with the nullification of last month’s Presidential election and subsequent court order to repeat the same within 60 days. I hope your’s will above reproach come next month.

    • I am trying to figure out what went wrong in Kenya! The result of the election seem to be convincing with a ten point margin 54% to 44% in favor of the president, and even former Us Secretary of State John Kerry said there was no glaring irregularities. I believe a revote will not change the result.

  4. From TWP to NDPL to LINU to LAP to CDC, and now ANC….sounds like Winston is political whore to me. They call him “government bone” because of his promiscuous habit of jumping from one political party to another, looking for the quickest route to riches and power!

    • Martin, Mr. Tubman is not the only one changing parties. I think he has the right to decide what is best him. Only fools don’t change. If u continue doing the same thing and getting the same results, wouldn’t you try something else? Be save Martin. We have to set example for our children .

      • Edward, I didn’t say that Mr. Tubman don’t have “the right to decide what is best for him”. Of course he, Tubman, does have to the “right” to change political parties, as he wishes.

        But we all know that many of these political parties have DIFFERENT core ideological beliefs and political philosophy. Therefore, when you see Mr.Tubman changing political political parties, left and right, it means that he doesn’t have ANY core ideological and/or political beliefs.

        Yes, Mr. Tubman have the “right’ to change political party, like how babies change their diapers. But his promiscuous habit of jumping from one political party to the other makes him a political whore or a “government bone”.

  5. Tubman will only support another so- called Grebo man, lied as his uncle William V. Tubman who told Liberia he was grebo. Cummings also claimed to be a Grebo, this is not true. Cummings is a NIGERIAN MAN. His father, NIGERIAN, MOTHER, ” CONGO”Woman From Harper, Maryland COUNTY, LIBERIA.
    Senator Weath supported him, agreed to be Tubman running mate, is this strange to us, the so- called – “CONGO” WILL Not support a Country man, period.
    Martin, you were able to checked Winston’s soul. We all know he was only with CDC to become President. My mother used say” God never sleeps and has short pants on all the time”.

    • Why when things don’t go your way, you interject tribalism? We need to work together as one people for the betterment of our beloved country. If nothing has helped us, education has. Let’s move beyond that. Be save Joe and think about it seriously . One day we all be able eat from the same bowl or pan as we did before the war.

  6. What else can we expect? They, both belong to the same Cape Palmas, Maryland club. Shouldn’t we also call it DIVISIVENESS/TRIBALISM? Why NOT? The entire Tubman Clan and Marylanders are throwing their weights behind Alex Cummings for President. You bet! The Krus are all for one of their own, George Weah… It’s only when it comes to Hon. J.Nyumah Boakai; then alarm bells begin to sound about DIVISIVENESS/TRIBALISM. I tell Dopoe and others to open their eyes and see clearly. You’ve not been FAIR to JNB. Get Real!

  7. Old man Winston Tubman is just that kind of person who jump from one place to another. 2005 NDPL; 2011 CDC now 2017 ANC. but one thing that I have understood about him is he’s a paid agent who can bring victory but rather defeat (de-victory) which is vert frustrating. I hoped you told George Weah that you were leaving; anyway, we don’t need you yah.

  8. Opi,



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