‘EX-ALP Chairman Flees Justice’


The All Liberian Party (ALP) has said that the recent resignation of its founding chairman, Emmanuel Lomax, is a flight from justice, which stems from his fear of an intensive ongoing investigation within the party.

The party said in a statement that the investigation stems from complaints emanating from citizens all over the country, in which Mr. Lomax is the central mastermind of a rice scandal, ID card fraud, and an alleged embezzlement of funds totalling over US$150,000.

A war of words ensued between the controversial Mr. Lomax and the ALP since he (Lomax) tendered in his resignation over the weekend. Up to that time, Lomax headed the Friends of Urey (FOU), which seeks to galvanize support for the election of Benoni Urey as the next President of Liberia. However,

Lomax didn’t simply resign from the party; he was very vocal against the current party leadership with some harsh words, especially making disparaging accusations against the political leader of the party.

ALP leadership last Friday received a resignation letter from Lomax, noting that his resignation was a result of “philosophical differences with the political leader and the party.” He also brought to an end the Friends of Benoni Urey Humanitarian and Education Foundation.

At a press conference some hours following his resignation, Lomax noted that he resigned due to Urey’s failure to deliver on his promises made to the Liberian people. This, Lomax said, is not only embarrassing but a gross disservice to Liberians, at whose detriment he amassed the wealth that he and his family are enjoying today.

“We the incorporators and majority members of the leadership of the Friends of Benoni Urey Humanitarian and Education Foundation have not only resolved to cease our existence, but to also resign from Urey’s ALP,” Emmanuel Lomax said.

Lomax said his resignation also stemmed from “the lack of support and cooperation, the inconsistency and deceitful posture of Mr. Benoni Urey in empowering the organization to deliver on its four formation pillars, which includes giving micro-loans to marketers across the country.

“Urey lied to Liberians that he was giving motorbikes to motorcyclists under a 50% subsidized arrangement, granting scholarships to deserving students in the 15 counties and implementing strategic community development projects in Liberia.”

However, the ALP in a statement said, “We wish to make it categorically and unequivocally clear that his (Lomax’s) utterance is a complete misrepresentation and has no iota of truth.”

National chairman Theodore Momo Jr. responded to Lomax’s accusation over the weekend, alleging that his resignation is a flight from justice stemming from his fear of an intensive ongoing investigation based on complaints emanating from citizens all over the country, in which he is the central mastermind of a rice scandal, ID Card fraud, and an alleged embezzlement of funds totalling over US$150,000.

The investigation, according to the ALP, was commissioned by Urey based on his (Urey) zero tolerance on corruption.

Many have said that Lomax has bad blood for Urey since he (Lomax) lost the chairmanship of the party to former Gbarpolu County Senator Momo at a convention in Gbarnga, Bong County. The ALP statement said Lomax was not favored at the convention by delegates because he defrauded partisans in the counties.

“It can be recalled that the same representatives of the people that were victimized as a result of Lomax’s bad leadership were delegates that elected the officials of the party at the All Liberian Party’s First National Convention in Gbarnga, Bong County, at which time Mr. Lomax was disgracefully defeated in his bid for the National Chairmanship,” the Party said in a statement.

“Interestingly, after the convention, Mr. Lomax and Chairman Momo appeared on a local radio station, where Mr. Lomax pledged his unflinching support and loyalty to the party. It is extremely regrettable that Mr. Lomax will choose at this time to make unsustainable allegations against the party and the political leader.

“As Mr. Lomax plans his nationwide tour and consultations, the ALP and its political leader therefore urge all those defrauded through the ID card scheme orchestrated by Mr. Lomax as founding chairman of the Friends of Benoni W. Urey Humanitarian and Educational Foundation–FOBU, to hold him (Lomax) personally accountable and responsible for their money and benefits, as he did not remit one dollar to any institution and made no financial report to the All Liberian Party up to the time of his resignation,” the statement said.

The party further stated that it is aware of the historicity of the political gimmicks and machinations of Mr. Lomax, who has benefited the most from the party’s resources and the personal goodwill of Mr. Urey.

“We therefore wish to urge all our loyal partisans, supporters and well-wishers at home and abroad to continue the party’s vigorous recruitment program and not give credence to Mr. Lomax as he again displays his disposition of political prostitution from one party to another,” the party’s statement said.


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