‘Evil Won’t Triumph This Time’ -Lutheran Pastor Dowah

Rev. Isaac Dowah delivering his exhortation

“We must never again fight each other” – Juli Endee

The Pastor of the St. Peter Lutheran Church in Monrovia has said that it is an open secret that Liberians have had too much to bear as a result of instabilities experienced in the past, and therefore anyone who wants to plunge the country in any hostility at this time would bear the wrath of God.

With the ongoing electoral stalemate since the October 10 presidential and legislative polls, Reverend Isaac S. Dowah has said those with evil minds are now poised to unleash unnecessary suffering upon the masses, “but evil won’t triumph this time with God above, and we will trample upon evil doers.”

Rev. Dowah made the comment when Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP), a peace and human rights advocacy group and its partners led scores of Liberians to the St. Peter Lutheran Church in Sinkor over the weekend to beseech the divine intervention of the Almighty God in the ongoing electoral stalemate. The service featured traditional and western musical selections and exhortations.

Liberians have suffered a lot, and as such, they need peace more than ever before. “Peace means different things to different people and so respecting the views of others is very important,” Rev. Dowah said, admonishing that hate is too much a burden to bear.

The Lutheran prelate lauded the LCP for the praise and prayer initiative, adding that God should not be left out of any human endeavor. “It is a good thing to bring your problem to its solver, because with a submission, God will intervene on our behalf,” he said.

Liberia Cultural Ambassador, Juli Endee, said Liberians do not deserve to witness another period of suffering. “What our people need now is development and basic necessities that will improve and make their lives better,” she said.

Ambassador Juli Endee speaking at the occasion

“We have come here to praise God for the sustenance of our peace. We can return to Him alone in times like these,” Endee said.

We must never again fight each other, she said, “We all are aware that conflict comes with early warning signs.

The cultural Ambassador also added that conflict usually comes about when people feel marginalized, cheated and taken for granted, but peace can be assured when there is transparency, respect and dealing with one another in a civilized manner.

Liberians, she said “have been patient enough in solidifying the fragile peace and building upon what We have had for the past 12 years should be of much concern to all well meaning citizens. We need to jealously protect this peace that we have.”


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