‘Evangelist’ Couple Confess Killing Son


Residents of Bahn in central Nimba County yesterday converged at a burial site to witness the exhuming of the body of a 12 year-old boy whose parents allegedly killed him and buried his remains in a secret location under cover of darkness.

The boy, Sonkalay Koezehdeai, was accused of involvement in witchcraft activities and was suspected of bewitching his sister, Manlay Koezehdeai, 16, who has been ill for a long time.

Police meanwhile have detained Evangelists Matthew Koezehdeai (a Gio name that means ‘one who fights with a bow and arrow’) and his wife Annie.

They were arrested following a tipoff that they reportedly locked the boy up, after severely flogging him, in a non-ventilated room where he may have suffocated to death. The incident took place over the weekend.

The couple is reportedly assigned with the Bahn branch of the Assembly of God Mission (AGM) Church in Liberia.

However, Leroy Wongonzuah, a deacon of the church, denied the accused being members of the denomination, although he confirmed the death of the boy.

He said all investigations are being handled by the police.

Bahn Police Commander Augustus Mator, who confirmed the incident, would not provide further clarification.

Sources say that prior to the incident, Koezehdeai, the boy’s father, said he had suspected that he would eventually kill his son since the boy had earlier reportedly confessed to being involved in witchcraft activities.

Meanwhile, the couple eventually revealed what happened to the boy and where he was buried during police investigations. Bahn City stood still as residents and police officers found the location of the burial site, as directed by his parents.

Many of the people, particularly the women, burst into tears when it was confirmed that the corpse was buried at the place where the boy’s parents directed the authorities.


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