‘Evangelist’ Couple, Arrested for Son’s Death, Transferred


Police in Bahn, Central Nimba County, yesterday transferred “Evangelist” Matthew Koezehdeai to Sanniquelle, the county’s political capital, where police there will formally charge him and his wife Annie and forward to court for prosecution.

While Matthew was on his way to Sanniquellie, police also sent his wife to the Bahn Health Center, where she sought treatment before joining her husband. She complained of being sick and therefore could not travel the long distance from Bahn, where she and her husband reportedly murdered and buried their 12-year-old son.

Evangelists Matthew and Annie Koezehdeai were arrested on Monday following tipoff to the police that they reportedly killed their 12-year-old son, Sonkalay, and secretly buried him. The couple had accused the deceased of bewitching their ailing daughter.

The incident brought residents of Bahn together at a burial site to witness the exhuming of the body of the deceased.

The boy was accused of involvement in witchcraft activities and was suspected of bewitching his sister, Manlay Koezehdeai, 16, who has been ill for a long time.

Police meanwhile arrested the couple following a tipoff that they reportedly locked the boy up, after severely flogging him, in a non-ventilated room where he may have suffocated to death. The couple is reportedly assigned with the Bahn branch of the Assembly of God Mission (AGM) Church in Liberia.

However, Leroy Wongonzuah, a deacon of the church, denied the accused being members of the denomination, although he confirmed the death of the boy.

Bahn Police Commander Augustus Mator, who confirmed the incident, said the couple’s transfer became necessary because there were “lots of outside interferences.” He did not elaborate.

Sources say that prior to the incident, Matthew Koezehdeai said he had suspected that he would eventually kill his son since the boy had earlier reportedly confessed to being involved in witchcraft activities.

Meanwhile, the couple eventually revealed what happened to the boy and where he was buried during police investigations.

In a related development, two other women who reportedly obstructed police operation while the investigation was ongoing have been sent to Bahn Magisterial Court.

Police said the two women (not named) will be arraigned today, Friday, to answer to their charges.


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