EU Turns Over 4 Nissan Pick-Ups, Weigh-in-Motion Scales to MOT


The European Union Delegations to Liberia (EU) in collaboration with the National Authorizing Office (NAO) of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) on Thursday, December 3, 2020 donated a four-double cabin Nissan pick-up and weight-in-motion scales to the Ministry of Transport (MOT) for use by the Axle Load Control Unit (ALC) at the Ministry.

The vehicle and the weigh-in-motion are to conduct surveys and weigh trucks plying the 3 corridors of Bo-Waterside, Gbarnga and Buchanan highways to ensure compliance with the Liberia ECOWAS Axle Load Laws and Regulations.  

Also, the cars will enhance the implementation of Liberia’s Axle Load Law and raise awareness of the negative impact of overloading trucks.

As a means of achieving the objectives of the regional programme, GIZ was contracted to provide technical assistance to MOT to facilitate the implementation of the programme.

The donation is under the program “Support for governance in West Africa’s transport sector ROC/FED/039-218.” This project demonstrates how the EU and Liberia are working together in financing road investments, protecting road transport for improvement of trade and businesses that will lead to the enhancement of socioeconomic conditions in Liberia.

The EU initiative aims at supporting the implementation of Axle Load Control for the creation of a harmonized, integrated and sustainable transport network in Liberia and in its neighboring West African countries. The intervention provides technical assistance to Liberia based on work plans developed annually, in close cooperation with the other ECOWAS countries and their National Coordinators.

In her welcome remarks, Atty. Martus W. Bangalu, Deputy National Authorizing Officer at the MFDP, who proxied for Minister Samuel D. Tweh, said, “The 4 new pick-ups and 3 weigh-in-motion scales were procured for use by the mobile brigade to facilitate the team’s movement in conducting surveys and weighing vehicles plying the 3 corridors of Bo-waterside, Gbarnga and Buchanan highways, to ensure compliance with the Liberia ECOWAS’S Axle Load Laws and Regulations.

“Liberia, like other west African countries, was allotted funding from the EU regional envelope through a financing agreement signed between the EU and ECOWAS/WEST African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) for better maintenance and sustainability of the regional network, which is one of the main drivers of economic integration and facilitators of trade and the movement of goods and people in the region,” she said.

GIZ LTTA Team, Dr. Heiko Gross, said that GIZ is committed to partnering with the EU to provide more training for people in road safety management. “We have had five different trainings in roadways and how-to’s.

“We are happy that one of the EU member countries is implementing this project. This is a very good project,” Laurent Delahousse, EU Ambassador to Liberia, said. “We should be thankful to European taxpayers for their commitment to promoting road safety.” He added that the project will facilitate transportation and business, thereby creating jobs for citizens.

Receiving the items, Transport Minister Samuel Wlue vowed to use the equipment for their intended purposes.

Tina S. Mehnpaine is a graduate of the Peter Qua qua School of Journalism. She came as an intern in January 2020, after several months of hard work and dedication; she is now a full working reporter at the daily observer newspaper. She has interest in environment, women and children, health, politic. Contact reporter, WhatsApp, 0886425103, and 0770774641


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