EU to Educate Liberians on Importance of Culture

Amb. Cave chats with Min. Shoniyin during the celebration

The Head of European Union (EU) Delegation to Liberia, Ambassador Héléne Cavé, has said the organization is initiating another project that will emphasize the significance of cultural heritage.

This, according to Cavé, is part of an initiative her predecessor, Tiina Intelmann inaugurated. While in Liberia, Intelmann launched a book entitled, “Legends of Liberia,” which is a collection of Liberian traditional stories from the 16 tribes, depicting the importance of cultural heritage preservation.

Amb. Cavé made the disclosure when she delivered a keynote on May 9, during celebration of the 68th Anniversary of the EU.

She noted with emphasis that, “Culture is an important part of the EU’s partnership with other countries.  This year, we will launch an exciting new initiative to support a social enterprise cinema art house in Monrovia.  The young Liberians managing this project are helping us with this year’s EURO-LIBERIAN Film Festival, which will offer a rich program for Liberian, African and European movies, short films, and documentaries.”

Amb. Cavè further that, “Cultural heritage is the expression of our roots.  The more we are aware of our roots and we preserve them, the more we are able to face diversity and change,” adding that the EU is 28 countries with diverse traditions, customs, cultures and languages.

She also indicated that culture is an engine for economic and social development, innovation and competitiveness, noting, “Unity in diversity,” to which ” “we are an example of how diversity can lead to solidarity, cohesion and unity.”

Dancers in formation to dance to EU and Liberian music

The commemoration of EU’s 68th Anniversary in Monrovia was characterized by performances depicting some Liberian and EU music wordings.

The cultural dancers danced to the “Sweet Land of Liberty,” a music composed and sang by Marron Cassell, demonstrating the sweetness of Liberia and the need to work together to make it prosperous in Africa.

For the EU, its anthem, almost or the same is the hymn:   Joyful, Joyful,We Adore Thee, was played and the dancers expressed in their faces joy of living together and held EU’s flags together to show how united European countries are.

The Ambassador also recalled EU’s assistance to Liberia’s budget, agriculture and fisheries, forestry, education and election.

Meanwhile, Acting Foreign Minister, Elias Shoniyin, recalled the tremendous efforts of EU in areas Amb. Cavé spoke about, and pleaded that EU countries consider on their agenda to discuss the issuance of visa in Liberia.

Shoniyin said because most EU countries do not issue visas in Liberia, people are compelled to go into extra expenses to travel to neighboring countries to secure visa for Europe.

The founding of the EU can be traced back to the end of World War II when some European countries and their leaders decided to approach the recovery process from the war and to build an economically prosperous continent.

It can be recalled that from 1945-1959 the process began by bringing together European countries to end the war that devastated most of those countries, including Germany.

The six founding countries include Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


  1. Pure crap. This only happens when we still have a ministry of information… instead of culture and tourism. A bunch of folks sit down and refuse to learn. The book launched is originally a commission piece by Peter Piney from president Tubman. But what do you expect when those whose industry it is is left out of these thingsguys?

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