EU, Sweden Project to Boost Security Sector


European Union (EU) Ambassador to Liberia, Tiina Intelmann said the EU is committed to working alongside Sweden in support of International Alert, Liberian National Law Enforcement Association and the Center for Justice and Peace Studies to launch the “Security Actions for Everybody” (SAFE Communities) project in Liberia.

At an event to formally start the project in Monrovia yesterday, Madam Intelmann said the initiative is aimed at promoting accountability and transparency in the security and justice sectors, “because it is very important in Liberia as the country faces United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) drawdown by June 30.”
She commended the Liberia National Police, who was represented by Deputy Director for Administration, William K. Mulbah, for efforts to strengthen its capacity not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of working with civil society actors, and communities to build trust and mutual accountability between police and the citizens.

“This project will work with both police and communities to get them closer to one another because it is a crucial element in building up security,” she said.
Alongside the Swedish Ambassador, Lena Nordstrom, Ms. Intelmann expressed the expectation that all partners will work towards sustainable results over the two year implementation period of the project.


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