EU Launches New Phase of Technical Support to GAC


The European Union (EU) and the General Auditing Commission (GAC) officially launched a new phase of technical support to the GAC at the office of the National Authorizing Officer (NAO) yesterday on the grounds of the Executive Mansion in Monrovia, an EU release has said.

According to the release, the EU-funded project, which has a value of €1.215 million (approximately US$1.4 million), will continue until May, 2020.

Building on the results and lessons learned from two previous phases, the new long-term technical assistance (LTTA) to the GAC will support the further development of the GAC into a modern Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) fully compliant with regional AFROSAI and international INTOSAI standards.

Moreover, the support will strengthen and improve GAC’s relationships with its stakeholders and further improve the impact and efficiency of activities of the GAC. The project will be implemented by the Italian consultancy EUROSUPPORT in association with the Ghanaian branch of the international audit firm KPMG.

The team leader, Ron Mwambwa, will provide advice as in-country expert during the entire duration of the contract. His long-term assistance will be complemented by short-term experts with specialized expertise.

Auditor General Yusador Gaye expressed gratitude on behalf of the GAC Management for the EU’s continued support since the inception of the 9th European Development Fund (EDF) as this support has contributed immensely to enhancing the post-war development of the Commission.

EU Representative Pia Buller said: “This project reaffirms the strong relations between the EU and the citizens of Liberia who are the final beneficiaries of the good work of the GAC. The GAC’s forum demonstrated the long way the Commission has come, and the level of professionalism it has reached since its establishment. This project, among others, will strengthen relations of the GAC with ministries and agencies, civil society, media and other stakeholders by deepening the exchange on the topics covered during the forum. The technical support will go hand in hand with the EU’s financial support of more than €2 million, which funds the GAC’s professionalization strategy.”

EUROSUPPORT’s Marco Sebastiani declared that his consortium is proud and honored to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the GAC’s continued modernization process.

Background Independent external government audit plays a central role to ensure transparent, efficient and accountable use of public resources. External auditing on the use of public funds is mandated to a Supreme Audit Institution (SAI). The GAC is the SAI of Liberia. It was established in 2005 and is a member of INTOSAI and AFROSAI-E. Since 2007, the EU provided support to the GAC, which over the last years has made huge progress and has aligned its organization and operations to best international practices and standards; that is, INTOSAI 1977, Lima Declaration of Guidelines on Auditing Precepts and 2007 Mexico Declaration on SAI Independence.

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