EU Gives Liberia €121M for post-Ebola Recovery

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The European Union (EU) has committed €450 million to the three Ebola affected countries including Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Recent disclosure by EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management and EU Ebola Coordinator, Christos Stylianides, indicates that of the amount, Liberia will have €121 million, Guinea €148.9 million and Sierra Leone €171.4 million respectively.
Commissioner Stylianides also disclosed that additional €8 million will be provided to all Ebola affected countries for multi-country projects.
The support, according to the EU Commissioner, will help the recovery process of the three countries, and the money will specifically be expended in areas of healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, education, sanitation, macro-economic stability and transport.
This new funding brings the European Commission’s total support towards the Ebola epidemic fight to €869 million, of which €660 million are development funds in support of the three affected countries’ recovery plans.
“The emergency is not over until we are down to zero Ebola cases. With some new cases in Liberia, we remain on high alert and our determination to eradicate Ebola is stronger than ever. Now is not the time to pull back,” Commissioner Stylianides said while making the pronouncement.
Neven Mimica, Commissioner for International Development Cooperation, said it is important to remember that this Ebola epidemic has not just had an impact on the healthcare of the countries affected; it has also crippled their economies, kept children out of school and brought trade to a standstill.
“That is why our funding will support countries in a wide range of areas, to help them better deal with the multiple challenges that arise from this crisis. We stand firmly side by side with the people of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, over the long term,” Mimica said.
The commitment by the EU is in response to a recovery plan meeting leaders of the three Ebola affected countries held with United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon in New York.
The prevalence of the virus in the sub-region has caused economic decline in the affected countries, and leaders have been asking for external supports to enable people of the three countries economically recover.
The EU’s pronouncement also adds up to other partners including China and United States that have begun programs to help Liberia revamp its broken health system.


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