“EU Committed to Supporting Liberia’s Developmental Agenda”

Finance Minister Tweah and EU Ambassador to Liberia, Laurent Delahousse posed after the openining of the dialogue.

—-Ambassador Delahousse Discloses; ends EU-Liberia Country portfolio performance review

The European Union Ambassador to Liberia, Laurent Delahousse says that EU will remain committed to supporting Liberia in its development efforts.

He said the EU is here to contribute towards Liberia’s developmental agenda mainly in line with the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

Ambassador Delahousse made these remarks recently on at the opening of a two-day EU-Liberia Country portfolio performance review in Monrovia.

The EU portfolio review seeks to create a policy dialogue that is part of efforts to improve aid transparency and effectiveness through government’s decision-making. 

They also review the portfolio of the European Union funded projects by identifying challenges, lessons learned, and make recommendations for improvement in the implementation for future EU funded projects.

 “We do not do it out of the blue sky, but in the framework of regulation of accountability,” Ambassador Delahousse, emphasized.

“In this regard, there are things you can do and there are things you can’t do because we, too, have to account for the taxpayers’ money especially the people of the European Union Countries and many others,” the EU diplomat noted.

According to him, EU delegation is in Liberia to help the government to deliver and to as well address the needs of the people of Liberia.

He said over the next six years ranging from 2021-2027, they are working on their next line of projects in an EU team’s work approach, pointing out that whatever they do is not for themselves but rather for the people of Liberia.

Minister Tweah and Delahousse (middle) along with others at the dialogue.

For his part, Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah, has underscored the need for cabinet ministers mainly those in the European Union portfolio performance platform to work hard in ensuring that they improve portfolio delivery.

Minister Tweah challenged officials of government and staff to have a proactive approach in addressing key issues of national concern in the interest of the people of Liberia.

“We should see our own challenge, write about them and find a way to solve them through our development partners”, he added.

He said gone are the days where partners will be demanding and or complaining relevant government ministries and agencies on how to spend their own monies on them instead of the government complaining the partners on making available funds intended to implement development projects for the people.

Minister Tweah made a reference to the Central Bank of Liberia’s delay on debt issue in which he had to make a personal phone call to the World Bank before said issue was addressed, even though the deadline has expired, stressing further that similar thing happens across all sectors of the country and government, pushing for more creative ways to shorting time in fulfilling their respective deliveries.

Appreciating the European Union for its continued support to Liberia, he reminded his colleagues that a development partner like EU wants results and it is incumbent upon them to work together as a government through accountability in order to solve problems of the people.

According to him, the two-day portfolio review is a practical manifestation of the energy the EU brings to help Liberia.

He pointed out that Liberia is under obligation to account for the European Union taxpayers’ money through the delivery of what they do.

“Lots of things are working, but at the same time some things are not working; there are multiple challenges and we need to get on the drawing board to strategize why they are not working and what needs to be done for them to work”,  he added.

The Finance Minister stated that the greatest priority of any Government is to enhance the service of the people, thereby providing the citizens the opportunity to realize their dreams in broad areas and sectors of the country.

He reminded his colleagues that they are under obligation to deliver to their people.

Tweah emphasized that government plans and mechanism have to move to the next level in the next three years of the current administration, stressing that practical beginning is now key.

Meanwhile, the dialogue which took place in Monrovia from March 31 to April 1, 2021, was attended by stakeholders, partners and the Government of Liberia to agree on the right balance between the implementation of short and long-term services. It also seeks to build the capacity of institution to work on upgrading the sustainability in project management.


  1. George Weah​ as CEO of Liberia Inc.
    Liberia, with a size of 111,000km2, similar to South Korea, could become one of Africa’s emerging lion economies.
    This West African country has the potential to carry out a huge development and growth, over the next 10 years. With very large natural resources (timber, farming, rubber, palm oil, gold, diamonds, iron, coltan, hydropower, etc.) and a young English-speaking population of 5 million (average age 18 years), next step should be a master plan for “Liberia Inc.”
    There is a need for a national development plan where the population and investors can quickly see progress (education, health, infrastructure, security of supply and a stop for corruption).
    Support must be provided both nationally and internationally.
    In this context, it is good to see that the EU is now confirming that Europe will take an active role. I really hope it is not just a political statement but that action is behind.
    As far as national support is concerned, I hope the Liberian government understands that president, George Weah, have to act as if he is CEO of a large company. He need to focus on financial performance and a strong sustainable CSR strategy, for Liberia Inc.
    Role models for this should be Rwanda, and the leadership executed by President Paul Kagame​, and Singapore, lead by the “father” of the modern Singapore, President Lee Kuan Yew.
    Liberia has a potential that’s many times greater than most countries. This potential can be unleashed with a combination of leadership and a population who want their future NOW.
    Our VC company, Bambwa Group​, and our portfolio companies Global River Center​, Sakamico​ and Who’s Who in Ghana​ are all ready to support and invest in the development of Mama Liberia.

  2. Civil society organization are not consider in district meeting in Liberia as development partners for country development agenda

    Local Ngo reporting

  3. I definitely prefer to see our once U.S’ [INVESTORS] returned to Liberia. Whatever the Europeans intentions are, they should not be designed to displace UNCLE SAM in Liberia. I’ve Lived in Europe. By comparison, I prefer The USA. After all, I’m a Liberian American. I will never trade The USA for another Nation(s). Just a reminder: Besides Liberia, The USA has the largest Liberian Population. Money transfer from the U.S to Liberia by Liberians, amounts to a substantial contribution to the Liberian-Economy. Needless to say, to Liberia’s Gross Domestic Product, GDP. Our affiliations with The United States Of America was never a [CURSE]. For the most part, Liberia’s problem have always been [MISMANAGEMENT]; the root of corruptions.

    • “I’m a Liberian American.“ No wonder to your mind, The Minister of Information of Liberia should conduct himself as the minister of information of American Samoa an overseas Pacific nation, a territory relying on the USA, tuna and tourism, would conduct himself when responding to the reckless conduct and LYING UTTERANCES of Chris Smith a public official of the US who supports lawlessness and violence, as evident in his siding with those who carried out the January 6, 2021 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol.

      To your understanding, Liberia is like Taiwan to China, Hongkong to China. Or Liberia, according to your belief, is as American Samoa an overseas Pacific nation territory a dominion of the USA relying on the USA, tuna and tourism.

      Or better still, according to your belief, Liberia is as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Island, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Montserrat, etc. although they are all countries, HENCE LACK SOVEREIGNTY, since they are dependencies or overseas territories of the UK.

      Or Liberia is as Greenland and Faroe Islands which are dependences of Denmark, or Liberia is as Christmas Island though a country, but also a territory of Australia. Good friend, Liberia is like the countries of the EU an ally and partner of the USA, but also a distinct sovereign geopolitical pivot, AND NOT SOME DEPENDENCY OR OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF ANY COUNTRY.

      One imagines what would be the deadly consequences for Liberia, were such as you or anyone, with similar dual immigration status occupying a strategic portfolio of Liberia, and a question of loyalty became the defining factor in a national security emergency!!!

      And that reminds us about this hypothesis of yours…“Whatever the Europeans intentions are, they should not be designed to displace UNCLE SAM in Liberia“.

      Henry Freeman, who told you the basis of a geostrategic player (eg. USA, France, Germany, Russia, China, India) “supporting the developmental agenda“ whether via commercial diplomacy or otherwise, within the territory of a geopolitical pivot (eg. Liberia, Nigeria, Gambia, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The Horn of Africa, etc. etc.) can ever be “designed to displace“ another geostrategic player within a given sovereign country or a non sovereign country???

      Even if there were not rules viz the doctorine of sphere of influence, such is never in the interests of states..whether geostrategic players, geopolitical pivots, or otherwise.

      This is inter alia why, even during the ideological warfare (communism vs capitalism) of the Cold War, such could never be the case. Not to talk about two liberal and capitalist countries which are PILLARS OF NATO! Liberal democracies (Liberia, France, USA, etc.) do not conduct themselves in such manner within the comity and community of nations.

    • By the way, Henry Freeman, the USA is a state/nation/country; while the EU is a regional organization. So, how does an international organization “displace a sovereign nation in another state”???


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