EU Ambassador Denounces Ebola Cure Article

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Head of the European Delegation to Liberia, Ambassador Attilio Pacifici, has described as “shocking”, a publication by one of Liberia’s local dailies that the cure for the deadly Ebola virus has been found.

Ambassador Pacifici in a letter to the New Democrat Newspaper that published the article with the headline, “Cure for Ebola Discovered,” told the paper that it was conveying a dangerous message to the public about a terrible disease that is killing a lot of people in the country.

pin his letter, the EU Ambassador stressed that the public will only read the headline and be misled that this dangerous disease which Government and its partners are committed to fighting in the three countries – Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone – is not a dramatic lethal threat.

Ambassador Pacifici noted with emphasis that the publication has the propensity to undermine the effort Government and its partners are making to control the spread of this deadly disease in the sub-region.

He further indicated that the publication enhances the development of myths about the existence of the virus, considering that most people deny and this current development may cause them to believe that the disease has cure.

“There is yet no cure for Ebola,” his statement stressed, “and it is irresponsible for any media to lead people to think the contrary.”

He added, “It would be very much desirable, proper, very responsible and patriotic for any media to make itself fully and unconditionally available to the Government and the Health Authorities to report and amplify their messages and appeals on how efforts and resources-domestic and external-should be federated to fight Ebola and on what individuals should or should not do to avoid falling victim of such devastating disease.”

It can be recalled that on July 15 it was reported in the New Democrat that Garcinia Kola (lcally known as ‘bitter kola’) is being discovered as Ebola medicine.

This nut is widely eaten in Liberia along with the ordinary red kola nut.


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