Esteemed Gentlemen Identifies with Visually Impaired Orphans in Montserrado

Senesee G. Freeman, chairman Esteemed Gentlemen presents food items to the the Deaf Ministry Inc./ Orphanage and Welfare Home in Chocolate City, Gardnersville

As part of its aim and objectives to the giving of charity, a group of professional men from diverse backgrounds calling themselves the “Esteemed Gentlemen” over the weekend donated some food items worth about US$3,000 to the deaf and blind in Montserrado County.

According to the chairman of the group Senesee G. Freeman, over the past months the institution was able to observe and identify vulnerable groups.

The beneficiary institutions were the Deaf Ministry Inc./ Orphanage & Welfare Home in Chocolate City, Gardnersville, and the Liberia School of the Deaf and School of the Blind, both in Virginia.

The donated items included rice, vegetable oil, assorted canned food, mineral water, cubes; assorted footwear, powdered soap, detergents, and Braille paper for visually impaired students at the School of the Blind.

Freeman said his organization was fortunate to have gotten at least 25 bags of rice, through the kind courtesy of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, and by generous contributions from Esteemed Gentlemen members.

According to him, the 25 bags of rice were given to the organization during its induction ceremony on the 17th of February 2018.

He said as part of the organization’s mission to cater to the blind, deaf and people who are physically challenged, most especially the younger ones, the initiative was one of the most important ways to reach out to these individuals.

Freeman however has used the occasion to call on other philanthropists, to extend their helping hand to the needy, inviting other institutions to join Esteemed Gentlemen in its charity program.

Meanwhile, Minister Comfort Doe, head of the Deaf Ministry Inc./ Orphanage & Welfare Home in Chocolate City, Gardnersville, lauded the group of professional men for their kind gesture, saying that it has been challenging over the past few weeks. As such, their donation was timely and important.

“We are in prayer with you, that God may direct you in his path,” she concluded.

Minister Comfort Doe, head of the Deaf Ministry Inc/ Orphanage & Welfare Home in Chocolate City, Gardnersville; appreciating the group


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