Eric Olsen Named TWP Standard Bearer

Mr. Olsen: Promises to unify TWP’s partisans and bring every citizen on board to make the party great once again.

The grand old True Whig Party (TWP) of Liberia has named Eric Olsen as its Standard Bearer to contest for the presidency in the coming elections.

The party also elected a corps of nine new officers headed by Reginald Goodridge, who until the convention has served as the party’s chairman.

Mr. Olsen’s was elected on a white ballot at the just-ended 36th National Convention of the party held in Ganta, Nimba County from May 26 – 27.

. In his opening statement earlier, however, chairman Goodridge said there were two candidates in the race from the onset of the convention, but one of them, Cllr. Winston Tubman, withdrew his candidacy.

Shortly after his election, Mr. Olsen told the jubilant partisans that he would introduce a style of leadership that will benefit the entire country. He did not elaborate.

He however promised to unify TWP’s partisans and bring every citizen on board so as to make the party great once again.

He told reporters that, if elected as President of Liberia, he will support the country becoming a Christian State.

The TWP is Liberia’s oldest political party which ruled for 132 years with William R. Tolbert, Jr. serving as its last president.

President Tolbert was assassinated in a military coup in 1980.

Since the overthrow of Tolbert, the TWP has never been active politically and most of their activities have been concentrated in Monrovia.

The Ganta Convention brought together a cross section of citizens believed to have come from across the country, but critics said most of the participants were recruited from Monrovia and transported to Ganta.


  1. Sounds like a KKK rally only for the old elites. What else is he promising, that he will cover every pothole? Put a chicken in every pot? Let us hear about your Chrisitina State. Have you forgotten that it as the same Christianslike Anderson and Yancy who chopped up people for political power? Some of you do the worse voodoo in the night, rubbing yourself with palm kernel oil in human blood and then going to church on Sunday.

  2. this is the biggest comedy. Where the TWP been all these years. Go and learn from the APC or SLPP in sierra Leone. The APC was removed by the RUF rebellion and the SLPP won won, they didnot go into coma rather they continue to impact lives progressively. TWP after 1980 disappeared and got involved with many pseudo activities and joined ranks with other indigenous to bring down the PRC turned NDPL govt. So, you guys should go and sleep and stop disturbing our sleep.

  3. Where is he from? Where has he been? And how far can the TWP go? Okay, I understand. Just for the sake of participating. Unfortunately, the TWP never provided a his platform for political inclusiveness in hr more than 30 years of power.


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