Eric Geso’s “Taya” Is an Apology Song

Hip-Co artist Eric Geso

An aide to Eric Geso has revealed that the artist’s recent hit single “Taya” is an apology song to his twins’ baby mama.

The aide told the Daily Observer‘s LIB Life that Eric made the song to issue an official apology to his baby mama in order to save their relationship, which was on the brink of collapse.

“Eric wanted to save his relationship so he decided to issue an official apology through a song. And this works well for him because he was bold enough to admit his mistake and asked forgiveness. The song lyric was penned with a tear in his eye. This was the first time I saw him working in the middle of the night,” the aide added

Eric and his girlfriend have one of the most private and secret relationships in the music industry, so issuing a public apology come as a surprise. It is still unclear as to what led to the break down in their relationship.  In the song “Taya,” Eric took a conciliatory tone by highlighting the reasons why he needed the relationship.

However, he did not call the name of his baby mama in the song, who is hardly seen with him in public. Up to now, the name of his baby mama is still unknown.

“You know, in such a situation like this most celebrities will walk away, but Eric chose not to. It is not that he cannot but this was the best thing he did. They have come a long way and especially given the cause of the problem, he needed to have found a way to settle it,” the aide added.

When asked why Eric did not signal out his baby mama’s name in the song, the aide said doing so could harm Eric, so he decided to take precautionary measures by not mentioning her name.


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