Eric Geso: “I made Mistake”


Award-winning songwriter and singer Eric Geso has revealed that a series of misstep was the primary factor that almost ruined his promising musical career and kept him away from the spotlight for a while.

“I made mistake, I mean a lot of mistakes indeed.  These mistakes, when I look back, almost killed my career. I wish I could have avoided it but it was worth it. There were lessons learned that motivated me to fight for my place. These lessons have taught me a lot; but frankly speaking, it hurts to see that after a promising start you just varnish quickly.

“Some of these mistakes included poor branding strategies, being satisfied with super-stardom and not applying any business knowledge at all. I cannot blame anybody but myself. It was fear that pulled me down. Although I was hot backed then, I didn’t believe in myself that I could organize my own concert filled with people.”

However, despite this dark period, Eric kept himself committed by dropping singles, some of which were instant hits.  And when the time was right, he organized his first show, styled Eric Geso Explosion. It was the sign of his comeback and was very successful, proving critics wrong and ensuring that his popularity, which pundits believed had waned, still had enough charm to fill the famous Bernard Beach to capacity.

“I decided to make an official comeback with a show, to test my popularity. Fortunately, it pays well and this is something I’m going to do. I have also put in place proper branding and market strategies, to make sure that there is no repeat of past mistakes,” Eric Geso said.

Ask why he is revealing such intimate details, the artist said, “Because I don’t want people to speculate about why I was absent. I also would love to educate upcoming artists to avoid costly mistakes when they have reached stardom. I hope my story can serve as an inspiration.”

Although his comeback single “Who They Can’t Talk About,” is gradually gaining airplay, it is most likely not going to receive rave reviews. Yet Eric Geso views it as an important and significant moment in his career, regardless of its commercial success.

“It’s the first musical acknowledgement of the tumultuous journey of a long absence, so I’m not worried that much. Right now I am in the studio, cooking something hot.”

Eric Geso is an artist noted for hits like “Go Home,” “No Spacing,” “Walkobo,” and “I Freakor.” He has shared the same stage with other African stars, including hot Ghanaian artist Bisa Kdei.


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