EPS Officer Reportedly Shoots Himself to Death During President’s County Tour

Mr. Earley who reportedly shot himself early Friday morning in Tappita, Nimba County.

Officer of the Executive Protection Service (EPS), Melvin Earley has reportedly shot himself in Tappita, Nimba County amid President George M. Weah’s maiden County tour in that part of the country.

A release issued early Friday by Executive Protection Service says, it regrets the sudden death of one of its agent, Mr. Earley. Mr. Earley was born on December 3, 1976, according to his social media profile.

According to preliminary reports, the long serving EPS agent shot himself at about 06:03 a.m. on Friday, February 19, 2021. He was on duty during time of the incident, according to the statement issued. 

President Weah is currently on his County Tour and he is expected to depart for Grand Gedeh County.

The EPS has launched a full scale investigation to establish any potential reason of the suicide.

However, there are conflicting reports surrounding his death, as sources say that Mr. Earley shot three times in the air before he shot himself.

Some eyewitnesses suggest that suicide could be ruled out, based on accounts of other security officers who were around when the shooting occurred.  

In a related development, it is reported that the EPS did not receive their regular oer diem for the President’s County Tour, though it is not clear as to whether this is what led Agent Earley to shoot himself.

Agent Earley has been with EPS since the restructuring of the service after the Liberian Civil crisis. 

Meanwhile, the hierarchy of the EPS extends heartfelt condolences to his family.


  1. Liberia, oh my Liberia, mysteries and sad stories NEVER cease to occur in our dear land founded on Christian principles.

    So, tell me my people, this big and healthy man will turn a gun on himself and shoot himself just like that?
    Ok, God is above! We don’t know, but HE knows all. One day one day, the truth will come to light!

    • Well said, Brother Dolo! This story does not make any logical sense. This is another mysterious death that Liberians will never know what actually transpired and who really is responsible for this man’s death. May his Soul and those of all faithfully departed Rest In Peace. The Almighty Lord will eventually fight their battles and bring those responsible to justice, regardless of how long it takes.

  2. Sad news for law enforcement in Liberia 🇱🇷. My condolences to the bereved family n the security forces. Go home n RIP brother.

    • This is exactly what I’m saying. How many bullets does it take to kill oneself, if this story must be believed? We are watching with critical eyes and ears! Eventually, this truth will be revealed regardless of time.

  3. This is just the beginning of events to come folks. Nothing productive will happen in Liberia from 2021 through 2023 as long as Weah and his CDC establishment feel jittery about their future prospects of still wielding power in Liberia.

    This event draws the line between happiness and gratefulness, and what do I mean about this? Many people think that being wealthy and powerful brings happiness. On the contrary, they only accumulate more miseries for individuals because let alone human nature, man seems never to be satisfied. The more he gathers for himself the more his insatiable greed leads in the quests for more even if such results in the impoverishment and deaths of others.

    This is the case with the Liberian rich and powerful. They have become so filthy rich and powerful to the extent the chemistry of the co-existence between the class and the classless has bred and continues to breed a spirit of fear. And consequently, fear is the catalyst for violence. The morbid obsession with greed and the irresistible urge to hold on to power in the midst of the continuous disenchantment from the public are two key ingredients driving Liberia over the precipice.

    However, gratefulness is what brings happiness to an individual as he/she is appreciative of others and the little things in life even in the midst of life struggles. Gratefulness is analogous to satisfaction because it eliminates the need for people to gravitate towards taking what does not belong to them and thus bringing scorn on themselves. Being grateful reduces fear and when fear is reduced the need for the unending spiral of violence and trauma will abate.
    Liberians have not seen anything yet, as the road to 2023 will not be an easy one!

  4. Melvin Bush Earley that i know personally did not kill himself as was alleged by the Liberian government but was order execute by the girlfriend of President George Weah, we are requesting a forensic investigation into the untimely and unprecedented dead of this young trained and brilliant EPS officer who has offered his uttermost sacrifice for his country and family to be murdered in cold blood by his own unit, the EPS that he worked for for several years, By Directive of a renounce prostitute and girlfriend of the so called president of Liberia Finda Bono, What are you guys doing in that country?

  5. All you Liberian and so-called hate politician that are against President George Manneh weah prostitutes girlfriend lead to some of the reason for which EPS Melvin Bush Early death.what is the substantial evidence that you fellow has. What forensic science do the poor country has. Had It been some development country like the UK, or the great America if you guys talk about forensic it will make great deal of sense. my condolence go to the family of the death EPS. one of the outstanding Liberian was killed on the beach In Monrovia, Liberia the reason behind nobody knows up to present times the same kind of scenario was brought out hiring scientific forensic from United States that stories came to an end.


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