EPS Honors UBA Liberia for Quality Banking Services

Executive Director of the EPS, Trokon Roberts, presents certficate of honor to UBA MD Madam Nkechi Arizor.

For providing quality banking service, the United Bank for Africa Liberia (UBA) has been honored by the Country’s elite Security Service, the Executive Protection Service (EPS).

The certificate which read, “In recognition of your invaluable services to the Executive Protection Services, Republic of Liberia, under the leadership of Madam Nkechi Arizor, as managing Director of UBA, proved worthy of our sincere appreciation and awarded you this certificate. Your honour and courage to duty bring credit upon yourself and the professional men and women of the entire UBA.”

The Executive Director of the EPS, Mr. Trokon Roberts further placed the spotlight on activities of the bank that led to the recognition. 

According to him, the timely handling of his entity’s payroll, the availability of numerous digital products which serves as an alternative to physically coming to the bank, and the great customer service were among the several reasons for said honour.

Director Roberts furthered that he was pleased with how happy and satisfied his entire staff is, with the selection of UBA as their banking institution.

UBA Liberia Managing Director and chief executive officer Madam Nkechi Arizor, who received the honour on behalf of the bank, firstly commended her staff, saying “you all are the reason we are having all these great things.”

She pointed out that UBA is opened to continuously do business with both customers and prospects while contributing to the growth and development of Liberia.

She called on Liberians and the business community, in general, to make use of several products offered by the bank including, loans with lowest interest rates, investment banking among others.

Meanwhile, UBA is a pan African Bank with presence in twenty-three African Countries, London, Paris and the United States. 


  1. Quality bank services? Isn’t that the bank that recently lured the auditors to a meeting and they were kidnapped there and taken to the beach and murdered? They argued that they didn’t have closed circuit television to take footage of their presence at the bank.

    Oh, is George Weah rewarding them for partnering with the government in their devilish undertaking in murdering those innocent professional Liberians? Awards for conniving with the government to kill innocent Liberians?

    Shame on them; the blood of Gifty and Peters is crying out from the earth. George Weah and his satanic agents, along with their co-conspirators—UBA— will pay for the deaths of these auditors.

  2. United Bank of Africa (UBA), owned and operated by a group of Nigerians has proved to the world and Liberia that UBA reportedly assisted in the capture, torture and murder of Albert Peters and Gifty Lama. Absolutely, I See no compelling and supportive reason why the Executive Protective Service (EPS), a security service, publicly owned and publicly operated will choose to certificate and honor UBA, a privately owned and privately operated bank operating in Liberia.

    SECURITY AND BANKING, there is no compatibility.

    The clear and unequivocal proof as to who assisted in the abduction, torture and murder of Albert Peters and Gifty Lama is shining all over the faces of UBA’s Managers. Come what may, UBA allegedly assisted in the abduction, torture and murder of Albert and Gifty.

    The certification and honoring of United Bank of Africa (UBA) by the Government of Liberia, by and thru EXECUTIVE SECURITY SERVICE (EPS), proves that UBA is honored and awarded payment and a certificate for assisting to get Albert Peters and Gifty Lama kidnapped, tortured and murdered.

    Come 2021, all well meaning Liberians need to effective immediately move on UBA and swiftly shut down their accounts at UBA. Liberians now have proof that UBA is not a saved and secured bank to do business with, left alone dare trust your lives in UBA’s hands.

    Murder under the Laws of Liberia is not time barred and not statutorily restricted to indict, arrest and prosecute an accused (s) suspected and charged with Murder.

    If Public and private offices in Liberia are not saved and don’t value human life, then where in Liberia is saved and secured to do business?

    CPP AND RAINBOW COALITION, consistent with the Police Act of Liberia, needs to incorporate and operate a skilled and trained Security Force to project its officials and members.

    Liberia and Liberians deserve safety and security.

    Don’t wait for the LPN, NSA or the Ministry of Justice.

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