Epileptic Drops Dead

The late Papa.jpg

Passersby and business owners at ELWA Junction, near Exclusive Supermarket in Paynesville, were early Monday shocked by the death of an epileptic man, commonly known as Papa, who abruptly fell off the chair he was sitting on.

Papa’s death was so sudden that a few persons seated next to him thought he was either having an episode of epilepsy, or downright joking.

“He was sitting there, and just dropped off the chair. I thought he was about to start ‘fixing,’ until we shook him only to find out that he was dead. I have never seen or heard anything like it in all my life,” said an eye witness.

After acquaintances confirmed that he was dead, a call was made to his family, who came to view his body before taking his remains home.

According to community members who were familiar with Papa, he had his home in Margibi County (near Robertsfield Airport.) Papa was known around the community as an affable and helpful fellow who loaded cars for a living and at times worked as a driver whenever he had the opportunity.

He leaves to mourn two children and a host of family members and friends.


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