EPA’s DED, Randall Dobayou, Under Fire for Alleged Fake Credentials


The appointment of Deputy Executive Director (DED) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Randall M. Dobayou, II, by President George Weah was on the basis of a credentials presented to the presidential vetting committee that was set up to scrutinize potential candidates for position in the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government.

The vision of assembling a team of competent, energetic and committed young people that would help implement Weah’s vision for the country seems to have been undermined by Mr. Dobayou who has since had a dark cloud hovering over his academic credentials. Reports indicate that he is involved in academic fraud as his degree and other associated credentials are allegedly faked.

A top ranking member of the presidential vetting committee, who is also a senior government official, told the Daily Observer during an investigation on Tuesday that “young and smart looking” Dobayou had impressed members of the team with the contents of his CV—a development that led to the entire team endorsing him for the preferred post without much hesitation.

“I cannot believe what you guys are saying is true until I do a personal investigation to ascertain the facts myself,” he said.

The Deputy Executive Director (DED) of the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia (EPA), Randall M. Dobayou, II, is sweating over the defense of his alleged questionable academic credentials, which have been making the rounds in the public limelight of late.

Reports have been rife in the public that Mr. Dobayou, who currently serves as the Acting Executive Director after his boss, Nathaniel Blama, was suspended by President George Weah, does not have an undergraduate degree, and that he has been parading with are ‘faked’ credentials.

The EPA’s DED in his CV claims that he graduated from the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in 2013, but sources at the university debunked his claim, hinting that Mr. Dobayou just completed his final courses last semester and awaits graduation for his degree.

Dobayou was also one of several students expelled from the university in 2012 for staging a protest against former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she visited the university.

But Mr. Dobayou has since began defending his credentials, noting that he completed all his courses before he was suspended— threatening that he will resign if anyone proves that he has not completed his required courses at the institution.

The EPA Deputy Director noted that the attacks against him are not on the basis of fake credentials, as he is qualified for the position he holds, but rather it is a tactic of distractions so that he deviates from his stance against corruption at the entity.

According to that official of the vetting committee who preferred to remain anonymous, upon returning from the United States where he served as the Secretary general of CDC USA chapter, Mr. Dobayou presented to the committee a curriculum vitae that indicated he graduated from the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU)—while he gave the vetting team an impression through his CV that he holds a post graduate degree in Environmental Science from the Alabama States University, USA.

Dobayou also said that he did a 12-month course at the Iowa Works (Mason City) where he obtained a postgraduate credential in Conflict Resolution from in October, 2015, though many are wondering how he could have obtained a postgraduate degree without obtaining an undergraduate degree.

While in the United States, he also reported to have enrolled at the Vetterott Technical College, St. Charles, Missouri, where he earned a certificate in ‘Universal Technician’, with emphasis in Ventilation and refrigeration.

“I completed all of my courses at AMEU before I was suspended. I will resign today if you go to the school and prove that I have outstanding courses there. The only thing I did not do was to form part of the commencement convocation or march with other graduates,” the EPA acting head noted.

Meanwhile, allegations of unqualified officials being appointed coupled with those who faked their university degrees raged on social media from the onset of the administration, causing the administration to face  questions about its integrity and accountability.

Top officials are gradually coming under fire for not possessing the academic credentials previously attributed to them. Some are reported to have made use of dubious channels that provide illegitimate academic qualifications for a fee.

It began with Former Minister of Agriculture, Mogana Flomo, finding himself in hot water after his academic qualifications were questioned—a situation that caused his sacking by the President. He had reportedly lied to the vetting committee that he was a holder of a PhD, though investigation revealed that his claim was false. The minister said that he was sacked as a result of policy difference with the President.

However, there seems to be a lot of contradictions from the Acting Executive Director of the EPA about his academic credentials which are currently under serious microscopic scrutiny. Dobayou is vehemently resisting reports that he does not hold an undergraduate degree.

Paramount among the many contradictions is his previous claim that he graduated from AMEU in 2013 though he has no degree to substantiate such a claim.

Secondly, his official CV carries 2013 as year of graduation, but his school documents, which many believed was obtained clandestinely from some low level staff at the university, carries 2020 as graduation year.

However, AMEU is yet to hold a graduation this year. Some faculty members are claiming that the acting EPA boss is yet to graduate as he did courses up to last semester.

Another sticky issue is the fact that Dobayou was suspended from the school in 2012 for gross violation of University’s student hand book and later traveled to the United States of America, in 2013.

The graduation was held in that same year, on Friday, July 12, 2013, under the direction of Dr. Joseph T. Isaac as the University’s 4th President. Dobayou could not prove at Tuesday’s press conference as to how and when his expulsion was reconsidered by the school’s administration –a move that would have enabled him to graduate if that was even the case.

The acting EPA boss, who has a very active social media presence, has two facebook accounts, one of which is official and carries the name Randall M. Dobayou, II. He indicates on that one that he still attends the AMEU. The other, which is a much older one with the name Randall Masterstroke, has no mention of his academic activities at AMEU, least to talk about graduating from there.

Dobayou, investigation has revealed, is one of many government officials who have exaggerated their education causing a dent on the Weah led administration which swept to power on an anti-corruption agenda.

In more advanced countries, politicians would resign [over] sex or financial scandals, or fake degrees, but not in Liberia—a society with a high illiteracy rate coupled with entrenched sycophancy and mediocrity rendering these grave moral and unethical crimes unimportant to the public.


  1. Randall Dobayou needs to take legal action against these bastards (AME & THESE NEWSPAPERS) for this defamatory attack.

    One does not have to be part of a graduation ceremony to be considered a graduate.

    The sin qua non and what matters or what is essentially required is that he or she must successfully complete all of the required courses, and attain the required credits! PERIOD!

    • Mr. Tamba III, how could you have read the article and your only takeaway is that he should sue the school and these newspapers for defamation? You must lack the ability to comprehend then. Firstly, it’s clearly stated that the man claimed to have completed all of his courses for graduation in 2013 [despite not marching]; however, AMEU administration refuted such claim by indicating that Mr. Dobayou took courses there in 2019 towards the same degree he claimed to have completed in 2013. So, how do you reconcile that? Can he show his diploma and his transcript? That’s highly doubtful.
      Moreover, I hope you do realize that the burden of proof would be on him to show that he earned those credentials at the time indicated on his CV. If his credentials show otherwise, I hope you also understand that it’d constitute perjury – which is a serious offense under the law.

      Now, on to his role at the EPA. Based on his credentials, I am of the opinion that he’s unqualified to serve in that role. Why? Firstly, up until the Weah Administration, the DED position had always been a vetted position, vetted primarily by entity’s board. Politics aside, do you honestly think Mr. Dobayou would have survive such vetting that takes into account credentials and experience? Before you attempt to answer, let me help you by outlining his credentials.

      – College student at AMEU (pending graduation)
      – US EPA Certified HVAC Technician (basically an Air Conditioner installer/repairer who works with refrigerants).
      – Conflict resolution certificate [Iowa Works (Mason City)]
      – Post graduate degree in Environmental Science (this one is HIGHLY doubtful).

      If he’s qualified based on these things, then I guess I (without a law degree) am qualified to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme court of the Republic of Liberia. Anyway, I’m not surprised. It’s Liberia, where we literally said that education and experience doesn’t matter as far as being a public official goes. We will stay long inside.

      • CJ Blango, by all implications and extrapolations, AMEU, despite its tacit involvement in this smear campaign and libelous defamation against a student it once expelled or suspended, HAS NOT COME OUT TO CLAIM THE STUDENT HAS NOT COMPLETED ALL OF THE REQUIRED CREDITS OR COURSES FOR GRADUATION.

        All we see here is:” However, AMEU is yet to hold a graduation this year. Some faculty members are claiming that the acting EPA boss is yet to graduate as he did courses up to last semester.”


        Here in the West, as in the South, North, or East, academic policy varies from university to university.

        Once one has attained enough amount of undergraduate credits, he or she is allowed to undergo post-graduate studies.

        And this is because people generally undergo undergraduate studies while concurrently undergoing graduate studies!

        The power of SUBSTANTIAL PERFORMANCE is not confined nor limited to the legal realm. It prevails in contemporary academia/academe!!!

        And if he or she successfully completes all of the compulsory graduate courses, and attains the required post-graduate credits towards the given discipline, he or she can be given his or her post-graduate degree, and even go on to do their dissertation later.

        Again, Here in the West, academic policy varies from university to university. The power of SUBSTANTIAL PERFORMANCE is not confined nor limited to the legal realm. It prevails in the world of academia!!! Hence, the newspapers and AMEU are wrong! And Randall Dobayou IS RIGHT!

      • Why shouldn’t he take legal actions against the university when the university has disassociated itself from the remarks of its registrar with the threats of an internal review discipline.
        This is why the Liberianization policy is not achievable when promising young people get suppressed. Why expelled a graduating senior for politicking and what’s the political interest of the Daily Observer Newspaper if its not an opposition surrogate purpose?
        Liberians are destroying one another and letting the foreigners take over the country.
        I guess he would have been more qualified had he been a Ghanaian, Nigerian or some Sierra Leoneans who came with fake educational qualifications.

    • Darius S. Manston – You’re entitled to your own facts but the record at AMEU says he didn’t graduate. And who gave you authority to say who is a graduate of an institution? You don’t make any sense.

  2. These guys come to the United States and dont go to school but return with fake acadmic paper and grab the best jobs while those of us who struggled to obtain real academic degree are sidelines. Mr. Dobayou said in the interview that he will resign his post if he is found to be lying. All you need to do is to ask him, when he will resign from the job. This is what the administration when you just appoint people without checking their background properly. There are many more fake degrees in that government, watch out. for more. What is about EPA director, Nathaniel, Blama, where did he get his PhD from from. Ask Gender Minister,Piso Saydee Tar what school she graduated from in the United States.

    This is the 3rd academic rouge that has been caught. Dr. Mogana Flomo Fake PhD, Mr. Raymond Ogunti, lied about getting Bsc and Msc from Metropolitan Univisity and now EPA Acting Boss Randall M. Dobayou. If you really launch academic Fraud detection program, you will catch more.

  3. Mr. Dobayou has misled himself in so many ways ,you were suspended from the University in 2012 and in his CV he stated that he graduated 2013 contradiction on his part, when he Dobayou knew he had courses to complete in the University and completed these courses 2019/2020 semester when graduation is pending.

  4. Look, J.Moore Tokpa, AMEUŚ officialdom is simply ACTING OUT OF SPITE! And that is disgraceful and speaks volumes about the administration of the AMEU!

    Once Dobayou was a graduating senior when he was expelled or suspended, and he determinedly went forward and successfully completed post-graduate or graduate courses and attained the required credits, that dicta about AMEU courses completion or non-completion is immaterial and irrelevant whether in law or academia!

    The so called administration of AMEU is been very foolish and extremely wicked to have expected the expelled student from their school to have dropped out of school, and not to have kept the courage and determination towards the improvement of his education elsehwere!

    Neither this Pro-Poor Government nor The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia should allow that bullshit and wickedness from any damn higher or lower institution of learning within Liberiaś territorial jurisdiction!

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