EPA Declares Mekki’s Mineral Water Safe for Drinking


Mekki’s Mineral Water, one of the water companies shut down recently for being unsafe for public consumption, has been declared safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In a recent research conducted by the EPA’s Research and Standard Laboratory experts, Mekki’s Mineral Water was found to have 5 milliliter Faecal Coliform counts and 7 Total Bacteria counts. This was an indication that the company was operating in close proximity to a septic tank, from where bacteria could contaminate the water source, or perhaps that the harmful bacteria could enter the water from sources other than a septic tank.

Following some rigorous research and investigation, the EPA, however, has identified the source of bacteriological contamination at Mekki’s Mineral Water Company and the water producer has duly corrected all faults in its quality control system as recommended by the EPA.

“After implementing the recommendations of the agency, a control-run was conducted on the system with bacteriological tests on the finished products at three water quality laboratories including the agency’s ERS Laboratory,” the EPA said in a release.

According to the release, the bacteriological assay at all three laboratories showed no trace of bacteria in the finished products, suggesting that Mekki’s Mineral Water is now safe for human consumption relative to the parameters analyzed.

“Mekki’s Mineral Water is now in full compliance with the EPA and is hereby authorized to resume full scale production while maintaining all quality control measures aimed at ensuring that its products remain safe for human consumption,” the release added.

The control run and validation exercise, according to the EPA, will be conducted at the remaining six sachet water companies while the bacteriological assay will continue for all sachet water brands across the country.

The EPA reiterates its commitment to the general public to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment where goods and services will be produced for the citizens and residents.


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