EPA Commences Investigation into Fire Incident

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Authorities of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) have begun investigating a recent fire incident that destroyed documents and equipment in the building on May 22.

The fire according to EPA Authority gutted the Finance office, leaving essential documents damaged.

At a press conference yesterday, EPA’sActing executive director, Stephen Neufville told reporters that the fire did not only damage the finance office, but some financial documents, desktop computers including two other laptops as well as office chairs and desks.

Director Neufville said since the unfortunate incident, staffers at the agency have continued to hear unsubstantiated allegations regarding the fire outbreak, particularly the one which affected the finance department.

“We want to clarify in this public manner that, we do not have any idea as to what led to the outbreak of the fire that gutted our building,” he dismissed the public perception.

The acting EPA Director explained, among other things that the fire fighters from the Liberia National Fire Service were called in to quench the fire and they succeeded.

Director Neufville said the incident was immediately reported to the Liberia National Police (LNP) for investigation, “and we are waiting for the results of the investigation so that the EPA Administration will have an idea of what caused the fire disaster.”

He then promised to make known any results that will be submitted to the EPA by the National Fire Service and the Liberia National Police.

“It is our hope that this clarification will give the public a better understanding of what transpired,” he said.

At the same time, Director Neufville has disclosed that based on the incident, the widely talked about coincidental Internal Risk Assessment Team has also commenced its work at the agency.

“In fact, the communication from the Internal Audit Secretarial was lately delivered May 21, at about close of business day, and on the morning of May 22, and the team was proceeding with its job.”

The team, Director Neufville said, is carry out risk assessment audit of the EPA’s internal control system, and not financial as being perceived by the general public since the fire incident.


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