‘Enforce Wearing Masks and Hand Washing in Liberia’


A renowned Liberian Medical Doctor based in the United States of America Dr. Max O. Vargbelee has emphasized the vigorous implementation of measures such as the wearing of nose masks, face shield and washing of hands, as mandated by the national government, if Liberia should make tremendous gains in the fight against COVID-19.

In an interview with the Daily Observer on Saturday July 4, 2020 via telephone from California, Dr. Vargbelee called on national government to make mandatory these measures by all Liberians and foreign residents residing within the borders of the country.

The Liberian-US based Medical Doctor said by doing so, it will drastically reduce the spread of the human killer disease in the country.

“Our health system in Liberia is susceptible, judging from the Ebola epidemic that ravaged our country and killed more than three thousand people, so it is imperative that we adhere to all other health protocols instituted by the Ministry of Health and our health partners that would keep us from contracting the disease,” Dr. Vargbelee advised.

He said, the COVID 19 is rapidly spreading in the country because of what he calls the “denial” on the parts of many Liberians, noting that such action is unfavorable to the fight against the coronavirus.

Dr. Vargbelee wants those denying the existence of the disease to stop and join the government of Liberia in an effort to battle the disease.

As of July 6, 2020, the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) has recorded 874 confirmed cases with 37 deaths and 377 recoveries.

“The government of President George Manneh Weah needs to be robust and ensure that every citizen observes the health measures” Dr. Vargbelee emphasized.

“This pandemic has put the whole world out of balance, so we in Liberia need to take it serious,” Dr. Vargbelee stressed.

Dr. Vargbelee told this paper that the world has recorded 11,603,941 Coronavirus cases, with 537,710 deaths and 6,569,623 recoveries.

“Hospitals and research labs all over the world are testing many different therapies on coronavirus-positive patients in an effort to find a potential COVID-19 treatment. But the drug that’s furthest along in clinical trials for treating COVID-19 is ‘remdesivir’ and, as of July 1, 2020, the drug ‘remdesivir’ has been approved for the treatment of COVID-19 with the price tag of US$3,125 for five days injection” Dr. Vargbelee disclosed.

“The time table for vaccine development is two years or more. While we are waiting for the development of all vaccines, I ask that the use of masks, gloves, soap, hand sensitizer, and clean water be properly enforced. Contact the nearest hospital if you feel sick during this pandemic period. Remember, all people are at risk for the civid-19 virus” the Iberian medical doctor pleaded.

Mode of Transmissions:

He said the easy mode of transmission for the covid-19 in Liberia include public transportations such as motorbike, taxi cabs and other commercial vehicles, churches, sport stadiums, night clubs, food markets, schools, and hospitals or clinics.

He explained that motor cycles transportation creates the most densely space between the passengers and the rider which is dangerous for coronavirus pandemic spreading from one person to another. “Coughing or sneezing, depending on the distance between every individual, COVID-19 can travel 12 to 15 feet from an infected patient.  Physical body contact with COVID-19 patient, alive or dead, may infect you as well,” Dr. Vargbelee explained.

He said shaking hands or kissing may also affect one with the coronavirus.

Jail houses and prostitute:

He said prostitution, as well as prison facilities that provide small space that are used to contain prisoners, are some avenues for the rapid spread of COVID-19. He also cautioned Liberians to be mindful of contaminated surfaces, crowded events and poor ventilated rooms.


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