‘Enforce Recovery of Liberia’s Stolen Wealth’

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BFF President Augustine Arkoi: "Weah’s Administration must adopt alternative and practical strategies aimed at winning the fight against corruption..."

BFF Advances 100-Day Proposal to President Weah

The Better Future Foundation (BFF), the proponent of the Liberia Democracy Sustainability Platform (DSP), has called on President George Weah’s Administration to adopt alternative and practical strategies aimed at winning the fight against corruption in the public sector.

In a release issued in Monrovia over the weekend, BFF proposed that the government launch a thorough assessment of all state apparatuses through comprehensive forensic audits geared towards promoting the fight against corruption.

According to the BFF release signed by its president, Augustine S. Arkoi, this would ensure transparency, accountability and probity in the implementation of national development programs and activities which over the years have been heavily dependent on foreign aid and donor support.

BFF specifically cautioned President Weah to set a 100-day time-frame where all past and current public officials at home and abroad who have illegitimately misappropriated public funds and other national assets to return said funds to the state to foster national development.

The foundation further proposed that any current or past public official who voluntarily returns stolen assets/funds into the custody of the state should be given presidential clemency.

BFF stressed that the success of the Liberian government under the presidency of George Weah rests not only on the President’s courage, dedication and commitment, but also on the demonstration of the required political will to defeat corruption, which has become systemic and endemic in the country.

The foundation expressed serious concern that a whopping US$449 million has been taken out of Liberia. The foundation underscored the need for the new administration to scrupulously investigate said report as part of  remedial measures aimed at protecting the growth and development of the Liberian economy.

According to BFF, the new Liberian leadership needs to take all necessary proactive measures aimed at sustaining the smooth operations of the state including meeting its monthly salary payment obligations to civil servants as well as the provision of basic social services, among others.

BFF expressed the fear that if the government fails to meet its obligations to the nation, there would be widespread public disenchantment with the potential to sooner or later undermine the integrity and credibility of the Weah Administration.

The civil society advocacy group further stressed the need for the new administration to prioritize and address the acute lack of infrastructure nationwide by ensuring the provision of adequate multi-purpose public facilities to host events of national and international significance.

“Deferring the issue of addressing the need for infrastructural development will continue to cause grave national embarrassments as it was glaringly demonstrated at the recent inauguration ceremony held at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville,” BFF pointed out.

BFF also referenced the inauguration program held at the Centennial Pavilion in Central Monrovia as well as the ceremony marking the certification of winners of the 2017 presidential and legislative elections held at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Sinkor during which several key stakeholders and other dignitaries could not be accommodated for lack of sitting capacity.

The campaign to recover Liberia’s stolen wealth, according to the BFF release, is part of its Liberia Democracy Sustainability Platform (DSP), which seeks to inspire national consensus building aimed at accelerating improved human security relations, respect for the rule of law, advocacy for infrastructural development as well as sustaining democratic governance in Liberia and the sub region.


  1. Yap. Fighting hard to retrieve stolen money and property of the government of Liberia has been a rallying call. I have written extensively about ways in which I believe stolen money and government property can be retrieved.

    First of all, what is a stolen government property?
    A. A laptop computer and
    B. Small size Xerox machines are few examples.

    What’s about money?
    I need not go any further. But I strongly believe that “some” people stole money during the past 12 years. If there had not been any stolen money, the author of the above article would not bother himself to write about stolen money. I conclude by making a recommendation as I have on previous occasions.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a superb place for the Weah-Taylor team to start. The FBI has the technology to nab stolen money and property.

    Lastly, I strongly recommend that when money is retrieved, there must be a consequence! A jail time by individuals who have stolen must be imperative. A jail time or revocation of a passport will help. But if a perpetrator is left off the hook without a consequence, more people will continue to steal.

  2. the bible said thou shall not steal.so to steal is bad and is not good. we should work for our living our land In poor river jonny town the people out there should be careful because I am a child god what is for me is giving to me by god so you can not take it away because my god will get you

  3. the bible said thou shall not steal.so to steal is bad and is not good. we should work for our living our land In poor river jonny town the people out there should be careful because I am a child god

  4. Well, put together all the Audit Reports under John Morlu tenure at the General Auditing
    Commission, that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said they lack evidences to prosecute,
    if President George M. Weah is serious in looking for money to develop Liberia; including
    the Maritime money in New York, plus the money to renovate the Executive Mansion that
    was passed in the Budget in the first term of his predecessor, as well as the money stolen
    from the National Oil Company of Liberia that involved Robert Sirleaf for which his mother
    took responsibility all put together will hit more than a billion dollars. Those were and are
    still Liberia. Let the Weah Government be serious to get all the money back into his
    Government revenue. I bet he will laugh and dance.

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