End the Heartless, Inhumane Attacks on Women and Girls!

Florence M. Dorley

The attention of the Organization for Women’s Empowerment (OWE) has been drawn to the heartless, inhumane attacks on childhood and womanhood by men in the constant habit of sexually abusing women and girls.

“Frustratingly, some women, in support of their husbands’ attitude, have aided the perpetrators by concealing the incidents from legal authorities. Such facilitators should also face the full weight of the law,” the organization said in a statement signed by its Executive Director, Florence M. Dorley.

“Now that rape cases are increasing on a daily basis in our country, which raises a serious threat to a free environment for the movement of our girl children, the government should be proactive in taking measurable steps to protect women and girls from domestic violence.”

According to Dorley, the Organization for Women’s Empowerment (OWE) “has a serious concern with the ways in which our women and girls have been treated in Liberia, the length of time it takes to get justice and the fact that sometimes nothing substantial is done about the cases. We hope that our national government will see it fit to address these issues arising on a daily basis by instituting stringent measures and penalties against perpetrators.”

“Although OWE’s commitment to upholding our core value is to protect underserved women and girls’ rights, some of those mothers of the abused children share guilt with the perpetrators and, as such, they need to bear the consequences of their actions. It is our desire to also call on all women and child’s rights institutions and individuals to follow up with all such cases to the core until justice is served and our society is a safe space for every woman.

“OWE kindly appeals to the Liberian government not to take these cases lightly but to ensure that justice is served, as this may serve as a deterrent to curtail or eradicate the prevalence of abuse against women and children. OWE is at the same time calling on the UN Women, and the UN Human Rights, including other International Human Rights Organizations, to accordingly press the government to ensure an end to violence against women and children,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, OWE is encouraging local governments in the leeward counties to tighten their belts against rape cases and ensure that every woman’s right is protected and justice is served to victims of violence.


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