EMPC Calls on Pres. Weah to Urgently Intervene in Journalist Gaye’s Treatment

Chairperson of the Executive Mansion Press Corps Dennise Nimpson addresses the media along Journalist Gaye .

The Executive Mansion Press Corps (EMPC) has expressed concern over the continued delay of the Office of Presidency to allow Journalist Jerry Gaye to continue his treatment as requested by doctors.

It can be recalled that In February 2019, Journalist Gaye, along with few other colleagues, whilst on duty onboard the Press vehicle of the Executive Mansion, got involved in a deadly motor accident along the Gbarnga–Totota highway. 

As a result of the accident, Journalist Gaye, who suffered a leg fracture, was sent to neighboring Ivory Coast for advanced medical treatment. 

Ms. Nimpson lauded the office of President George M. Weah, Ambassador Finda Bundoo and the Office of the Presidential Press Secretary for ensuring that the journalist was transferred. 

“We have assembled you here to highlight the plight of one of our members, Mr. Jerry Gaye of Prime FM who is going through serious difficulties and pains in his life,” Ms. Dennise Nimpson, chairperson of the Executive Mansion Press Corps said.

Ms. Nimpson said after almost a year of undergoing treatment, Journalist Gaye returned to Liberia on January 11, 2020 with iron in his leg but with a return note.

“In his return note, Doctors recommended that he returns, at the time, in May 2020. However, Journalist Gaye’s possible return was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Ms. Nimpson indicated.

According to Ms. Nimpson, when the coronavirus subsided in Liberia and flights started coming in and out of the Country, the leadership of the EMPC began engaging the office of the Press Secretary for the return of journalist Gaye, but to no avail.

Ms. Nimpson said the EMPC leadership has exerted all efforts and means privately and publicly to see to it that journalist Gaye returns to Ivory Coast for the remainder of his treatment but it’s yet to be materialized.

“As we speak, the iron in his leg has almost outlived its usefulness and is life-threatening,” Ms. Nimpson said.

She said Mr. Gaye cannot even take more than ten steps or a ten minute walk. 

It is against this backdrop, the Executive Mansion Press Corps is launching an appeal to President Weah to kindly help return our ailing colleague to Ivory Coast to complete his treatment.

She said EMPC dearly appreciates all the initial efforts by the Liberian Government to cater to the health of our colleague.

Ms. Nimpson stressed that the leadership is appealing to President Weah to kindly get involved as the current situation with Journalist Gaye is an issue of his life.

“We are kindly appealing to the President to intervene before he kicks off his County tour which, we understand, starts on February 12,” she said.

She said the EMPC is optimistic that this appeal will fall on fertile soil and claim the attention of the President because “we know him to be a listening leader.” 

EMPC is an auxiliary of the Press Union of Liberia, and a body of independent reporters assigned at the Executive Mansion, the seat of the Presidency, that is providing media coverage for the President.

Meanwhile, the Executive Mansion Press Corps has reaffirmed its commitment to continue its engagements with the office of the President through the Presidential Press Secretary office on issues that border on the wellbeing of journalists assigned at the Executive Mansion.

Responding to questions, Journalist Gaye said his condition is sad and hope that the President can intervene in the soonest possible time.

“It’s difficult as head of the home to be in such condition. I wake up in the morning with taking drugs and going to bed with same situation. It’s even difficult for me in taking care of my three children,” Mr. Gaye said.


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